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Can anyone relate to these? Or feel like something should be added? Lemme hear your thoughts on your coming out story.

Rain contrived by a factory producing salty merchandise,
The droplets plunge onto a brown tarnished casket table.
Ants must enjoy the water, but they cannot endure it,
But they come inside with me to stay dry, but are greeted by an indoor storm.

The factory is ran by a talentless manager, his clipboard a blank mind,
Producing products that break down, stored in a room with a sealed door.
The next old object stashed is a stained broken plate, wet from tears,
The ants march on dirty spoons laid to rest on the ground up to me.

Blueprints of the cogs made from reverie, they spin,
They rotate the conveyor belts out my windows soul.
Windows boarded up with fleshy pink planks, cracked in between,
Letting the wind out, instead of letting it in. I suffocate.

Solar powered machine, but I haven’t seen the sun in days.
It’s the saddest weather when all you see is rain and no light,
It’s ruining the homes of ants, and leaving a feeling of being fixed.
But where can one find help, stuck down in sewage drenched dreams?

A corrupt management leader, unfinished broken products lay to waste,
The only finished product is salty water for ants to bathe & consume.
They drink it along with stale bread, sided with margarine in a butter plate,
It’s suppose to feel warm inside, but they don’t feel warm inside.

The uniform, reflects everything else in here,
Dirty, battered & lost. In need of an ironing to rid wrinkles.
The paint is flaking, leaving an atrocious building hunched over,
Covering it up with new paint might work, but it’ll always be same.

I count the hours left on this 20 year shift,
This factory always exist, while the ants struggle to live.
They are drowning, along with many aspirations,
And I’m drowning with them, locked away in this valueless chamber.

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Was being a noisy rascal and found a trend in the beauty community of YouTube. What are your thoughts on these 'reviews'?

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Came across a bunch of information on this new beauty industry marketing. While its been around for awhile, I found it interesting how big companies like Kylie Jenner Cosmetics are really taking advantage of it. Thoughts?

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Why pay high amount of dollars to have your beauty company be advertised in magazines, when you can just use social media accounts that have access to millions of views? #sellouts

You have probably seen a few, if not all of their YouTube videos. Videos where they do make-up tutorials for certain looks, or review a new product coming out to see if it is worth buying. These people are known as beauty gurus. A beauty guru is…
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Would love to get feedback! Hard to get people to really digest poetry and give feedback on your writing style :(

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Looking for feedback on my blog :)

Don't be scared to be honest.

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Update for March on Februarys Blogerino.

Happy March! I want to start by saying sorry to everyone who got offended by the Suicide post. I lost a few readers after it was posted, and I 100% understand why. It was in no way to point fun at people’s experiences. It was to spread awareness about…
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Some people have described life as being on the highest floor of a burning building. Where you wait for the fire to be put out, but you would rather just jump out instead.

Not for the faint of heart. Posted below are actual videos of people taking their own lives. Whats the purpose of this? People get so depressed that the only way out is to hurt yourself. Some people have described life as being on the highest floor of a…
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