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really - its free

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Opened JUST NOW and goes til 2 P.M. EST for owners of version 1 ONLY for - upgraders have early bird period from 12:01am EST to 2:00pm EST July 1st with 50% off price during that period, then 30% after that until end of launch. Discount for upgraders ends with
launch., so only $23.50 for Version2 of Explaindio.

Wish all the best success to every one.

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Here some good news for existing Explaindio 1.0 user.
If you are an existing Explaindio 1.0 customer, you can upgrade your copy to the 2.0 with 50% discount.
So what will happen is Explaindio 2.0 cart will open early at 12:01AM 1st July 2015 EST and until 2PM EST existing Explaindio user can upgrade with 50% discount. After that the discount will be reduced to 30%.
Check out the new features in Explaindio -click on image below. Make sure you place yourself on the pre-registration list
Plus you will receive free listings in our Directory Network for your own business or any client business.
For non Explaindio user, please wait until 11AM 1st July 2015 EST to get your Explaindio 2.0 copy. Pre-Register NOW

My recommendation, get the initial package and any OTO only, if you are really sure you need them. Be careful, there are over a dozen OTO attached.

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Don't even consider the "newest" useless SO. Just read Brett's review - he makes it very clear. Video Hero? piece of "junk" - overpriced and useless . Shows also that TG is marketing everything to make a buck, sorry TG. read it hear:

+Greg Ray +Allan Cockerill  Both of you, great job - well done. and you are on track with your idea Allan...

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it is NOT for sale until July 1st

but if you want to get a first look what
this new updates software for video can do
take a look

like I said, no sales at all, just know in advance what's

here is a preview video

be educated before you would get it in a couple of weeks
thanks and have great week

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Challenge to Local Businesses to list your business for 1 year with Network

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Here are images of my bonuses
use this link:

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