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Post has attachment got a new design. Please check out! Thank you :)

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If you are having some issues with Firewire in your audio interface. This guide can help. Regards :)

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What is your best free audio dithering solution?

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Today, I release version 1.4 of AudioSpectro FIRE (frequency balance tool in audio mastering) with the following significant changes and improvements over the previous version:

a.) Improve the output gain calculation algorithm by providing two sets of values (max and min) to compensate increase of loudness due to EQ adjustment. You only need to select a value between this range.

b.) Provide a complete documentation of each specific task in PDF files.

c.) Improve compatibility of the software to Open Office and Libre Office spreadsheet solutions.

d.) Improve calculation accuracy of desired EQ settings.

You can try a free download of the fully-functional evaluation version of the software here:

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I just released version 1.3 for AudioSpectro FIRE. This is now compatible with Linux operating system. I've added some important notes on the tool that pertains to Q setting accuracy and other aspects. Try grabbing a copy now and evaluate. Thanks.

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Try this free online version of AudioSpectro FIRE, a tool that you can use to analyze the quality of your MP3 and audio CD masters.

Then compare the rating of your track with the industry-standard scores.

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This is a summarized version of “Recommendation for delivery of recorded music projects” authored by the Nashville members of the P&E Wing of The Recording Academy.

Version1.2 released for AudioSpectro FIRE, it now uses TT Dynamic range meter with Audacity for generating raw data- an easier and all-around method. 

Check out the new version here:

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Learn the entire sound recording copyright registration process. This is written for beginners.

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Old stuff here- for those that are wondering how to record in 24-bit mode in Adobe Audition 1.5/Cool Edit Pro. As you might have noticed, there is no 24-bit recording option in the software. 
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