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Really upset one of my teammates borrowed my Jessie J album (Who Are You) and they haven't returned it since august,don't know which person
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Probably Brady... Go punch him in the face and tell him to return it
Max Lee
lol sounds good to me
Just remember: if you ask Brady and he starts looking from side to side and yelling colors and numbers to the other guys in the locker room, chances are he knows you're onto him...
Lol I'm really upset you don't know which teammate
Nah dawg, they just running some Play Action on your album. ;-)
It was probably Belichick. Just let him keep it...
It's probably 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus wearing a tuxedo t-shirt. I heard he digs Jessie J.
probably brady that guy doesnt know his left from his right sock so im not sure how he will remember if you let him barrow it or gave it to him
I don't follow sports but I believe... they should be working out. Get that free music at the gym. Jessie J is top 40. she is bound to be in the top
Chad, I know you're the youngest kid in the Old School but do you still really, really buy albums?
Dirty Rat Bastard, I fucking Loathe/fucking hate Theives!!! 
Chad, you should have joined Da Bears....They hare Jessie J.
Do yo thang man fuck these haters
No on special I just feel like if you dont like someone then leave them alone we waste to much time online trying to say shit we would never say in person. So why do it? Im a Cowboy Fan but Chad is a very good player and Id never knock the next mans hustle. So with that being said social networks were not created for cyber bully's or bitches.
So why didn't you leave that guy alone. From what you said it sounded like you were being a cyber bully.
Unlike you and matthew Im a grown ass man I dont have time for this little boy shit.
i am perfectly fine with you PUNCHING either BRADY or WELKER in the face; furthermore, a fist to the face of WES would probably allow you more time on the field -- which would also, in turn, BOOST my fantasy points. Thanks.
isn't it though? viva la NFL FANTASY FOOTBALL resistance_/// nd buku points och'.
Guess I missed what DEREK said that made him a cyber bully. I thought telling Chad to block out the noise and do his own thing were words of encouragement...
Need to put out that everyone should become a member of AFN, on facebook. This way Patriot Fans can vote to allow more Patriots-fighting for our great nation around the globe- to get a chance to watch their team take the 2011 Superbowl!
Hi omg i talking to u technaclliy even though i'm a dolphin its still pretty cool
In my world that's called "stealing"........#dust4prints.
Sounds like we need to have a locker room
to see if i can get a dumb ass like you to comment this...LOL
see the camouflage i am wearing? respect it son...and beast you are
while you were just a cum stain on ya momma's bed , I was doing man's work son...
sorry Chad... sometimes a youngster needs to be your thing man...
You should worry less about that and more about who stole your ability to run routes and catch wide open passes for TD's, just sayin'.
Hi i am from Hosur india, Pl treat me as a friend in your circle, I am working as a Assistant manager purchase how are you,,You can send the mail in this id
hey chad i live in arlington my name is declan how the pats doin
Sorry to hear that Chad, BTW I am a Patriots fan :-D
what up chad you need to tear up the Pittsburgh defense
who is jessie j? just bump that "watch the throne"
if its tom brady sorry man you gotta let it go
It's a wrap for your album man!Unless it was a trust worthy good friend.
go buy another. your rich.....
a little tip for you if u going to lend out a cd to someone make a xtra copy of it,,,
Jessie J go hard with the vocals, I probably wouldnt have gave it back either HaHa
I think you can afford a new one 8 5, I wouldn't sweat this stuff and I'm not nearly as fortunate as you have been. But I think we all know it's clearly Woodhead.
Chad, you'll be the next superstar un NE, with brady in controls yo're gonna be tha men, go for it!!!
Congratulation for you touchdow
Hope Tebow blows you guys away this weekend!!!!!!!
Just wondered if you've been back to see an OSU game, lately. I'm from just south of Newport, Oregon, about 60 miles west of the OSU campus...BUT I'm nuts over the Ducks :o) Is that a bad thing? (LOL)
Good Luck @ the superbowl i will be supporting you
Where are you Chad? This is the new Facebook, where the "ivy league" people hang out, haha. You are a trend setter. Come here and talk with the elitists. Hahaha.

Seriously, Google+ is the fastest growing social media platform in history, as its user base just passed the 100 million user mark. Soon it will be bigger than Twitter — it's much better than twitter because there are no limits to posts and your public words go into the global google search. Most serious promulgators of knowledge are using Google+ because they want their words to be searchable by the world's #1 search engine.

I was a great fan of Facebook until (a) Timeline split the page and made it hard to follow flow (left, right, down but a varying distances), (b) friends being allowed to put me in groups and then i had to spend time cutting off notifications from the groups, (c) the streaming "news" flow of every detail happening to everyone, (d) the proliferation of groups giving Facebook a cliquish feel, (e) my inability to LIKE pages for over a year (without anyone to tell about it who could do anything — there is a "send feedback" tab here, lower left on every page), (f) my inability to get into my email for weeks at a time, (g) the inability to edit posts as easy as you can do here (clicking on gray arrow in top right of comment box on the post's first line and following options).

Here are some other reasons why i think you should continue being a "leading edge" individual (like Lady Gaga, haha, who posts here every day) and use Google+ as your #1 social media platform. This link is to a document that you must scroll in order to see an expatiation of each point.

BTW, i'm a great fan of the New England Patriots, particularly Bill Belichick (although i don't know how it would be to be his teammate). That was a great Super Bowl game. I thought the safety call was bogus, although perhaps technically correct if you have a bet on the Giants and want to give them 2 points at the beginning of the game, haha. A field goal at the end by the Pats makes the score 20-19, then, hey? I'm ready for the Patriots to go back to the Super Bowl next year and to have you be the MVP! Do you think Brady does not throw to you enough because your online popularity is much greater than his? Just wondering, hahaha.
go some where other then the pats you suck cock
Hola Ochocinco, Saludos desde Mexico. Soy un fan tuyo.
Hey Chad... Long time Bengal fan (Bengal Bus included), I really wanted to see you get that ring! I can't stand that Eli punk any way! Thanks for the YEARS of entertainment in Cincy! Miss ya!
if you have any questions call me at 419-708-5057
only if it has to deal with sport relatid news
cant i live with any one who wont abuse me please
Robin M
you ever go on here anymore
Hello Chad, is this really you or someone speaking and responding on your behalf? I want to know why I don't ever run into good men like you.
nope not really there awesome as all get out the real issue is why not use them why arent you js
The can't let people borrow stuff anymore trade in buying you gotta be very possessive
Hey guys dont waste time in nonsence Jesus is coming ,what do you say about that....hey!
Chad, can you get another? Maybe he likes it as much as you! I had that happen but with a book. The book was signed by a friend so sentimental value. I got another copy and gave it to friend that had original. Like money if ya think your loaning it to them your wrong. Friends GIVE not expecting back cuz usually will not come back and ruin friendship. But a good friend would value your friendship over anything and ask you if need it back soon or later. I know exactly how ya feel!
Chad Johnson u should sign pats or jags,u got my sister
From now henceforth u will know to give ur stuff to
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