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Professional Antibacterial and Eco-Friendly Makeup Brush Tools
Professional Antibacterial and Eco-Friendly Makeup Brush Tools


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Tomorrow we'll be releasing episode 3 "Tournament Face" of Made (UP) in NY! Who's going to watch the episode starring Alice & Em?

A lot of you answered that you switch up your makeup routine every week! Well, that makes a lot of sense because trends come and go all the time! :D But what are some classic looks that are timeless?

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A few of you saw our new pink brushes and asked for purple. Did you know about these purple beauties?

How often do you switch up your makeup routine?

A)  Every week
B)  Every month
C)  Every 6 months or so
D)  Never. I've been using the same routine since I first started.

Happy Halloween Beautés!

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Congrats Marie Homan! You are our October La Beauté of the Month! Thank you for being a wonderful fan. Please contact us at for your makeup brush prize!

Orange you glad it's Halloween?

It seems like the norm for contouring is to go 2-3 shades darker than your natural skin tone/foundation. Even 3-4 shades darker is fine, too, depending on your preference and the look you're going for. :D

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Replicate a frightening skeleton skull using the 945 Contour to create hallows. 

We're seeing alot of skeleton makeup tutorials this Halloween. Share your favorite costume makeup tutorials with us!
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