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Still need some Manual Work to make your HOA show live on YouTube

Apparently you still need to Manually Select the HOA video you are about to show/broadcast inside your YouTube channel (see 'EDIT: Go to 3...)
Before you hit the RED BUTTON to start your broadcast...

If you are wanting Totally Branded HOAs - you need to set up all your stuff right... here is a visual guide on how to do that:

Thanks to +Mike Downes & +Sarah Hill for today's discovery! Uncheck that show recent video button

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#hoatips   #hoa   #hangotusonairtips   thanks to +Mike Patty for the alert
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How to setup your YouTube Channel for LIVE Featured Tab Broadcasting for Hangouts On Air Steps 1, 2 and 3 are good, however .. step 4 involves manually checking the LIVE On Air ..

EDIT: Go to 3, .. Manually Select the On Air you are about to Broadcast .. Do this BEFORE you click red button, BROADCAST .. I will send some feed back to Google/YouTube .. #hangoutsonair  

h/t +Sarah Hill see it LIVE: Eureka Moment at 8:15
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