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Day 1271: A Purpose Greater than Myself
Why did I give myself a purpose that is greater than me - something in my life that will always come first, even before my own interests and desires?

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Day 1270: Quit Your Overcomplicating
is a difference between having all the relevant information in order to
make a decision / change and having ALL the information there ever was,
is or will be before being able to consider a decision / change. Do you
get stuck on thinking about som...

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Day 1269: The Pain of being a Beginner
I decided to start taking singing lessons to support me to develop
myself within singing, and like any other skill, the beginning is always
the worst. I sound at times like a dying moose, and I hate those
moments - but I carry on practicing regardless. W...

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Day 1268: Despite my Insecurity
Standing by my choice to share a specific video of myself, despite my
insecurity, was not pleasant or easy - for a moment at least.

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Day 1267: How to Ruin Thong Song
Sometimes you can only know the heart of a song when you cover it. We discovered the heart and soul of Thong Song by Sisqo when we covered it. Enjoy.

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Day 1266: Making your Decisions Real
often do we play the game with ourselves when we tell ourselves "I'm
going to change" - but we never end up actually LIVING that change. Have you ever found yourself making a decision to change something
but then continuing to fall back into the same...

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Day 1265: I'm Not Ready
Is change something that can only happen when we feel ready to implement it? Cerise Poolman and Joe Kou # getreal with when when we tell ourselves that we cannot change because we're
not ready. Are we not the ones who determine when and how we change?

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Day 1264: The Discomfort in Growth
The process of stepping out of my comfort zone is not comfortable - it's decidedly uncomfortable actually. But growth doesn't happen in your comfort zone, so I will take these moments to learn more about myself and expand all over the place.

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Day 1263: Doing something different... Who will I be?
Putting ourselves in new or different situations can be scary, but if we push through that fear we give ourselves the opportunity to learn more about ourselves - about those parts of ourselves that we otherwise would not have faced.
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