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Mark Boulton

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Less spam, plenty of space and access from anywhere. Welcome to your email for Mark Boulton Design, powered by Google, where email is more intuitive, efficient and useful. Keep unwanted messages out o...
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Mark Boulton

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Thought I'd pop this here as this stream of comments doesn't really belong on Twitter and seems a bit short for a blog post. Plus, comments would be good.

I just posted on Twitter the following:

'Reading through a bunch of new responsive web design frameworks over the weekend confirms to me that we're still thinking 'canvas in''

'Which is hardly a surprise. We've been thinking 'canvas in' for a thousand years or so. Engrained mental model.'

'We're thinking about content a little more (which is great), but we're laying it out the same way we have for, literally, ages. Canvas. In.'

'I think we should be thinking about how RWD can provide us with tools to optimise a fluid layout for certain breakpoints.'

'But I think the focus should be on the fluid and the what happens in between the breakpoints, rather than multiple canvases.'

My point is this: We're using RWD to create multiple fixed canvases for multiple devices/use cases. The interesting (and frankly challenging) bit about RWD is the fluid bit. How can we move from a fixed 'canvas in' mental model of how to lay content out, to one that is fluid and optimises for that nature?
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...many days later...
I did a quick post on responsive tables - it looked like <colgroup> might have been useful, but alas it didn't work the way I thought it would.
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Mark Boulton

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I posted some thoughts on Responsive Advertising on my blog. I would love to hear your thoughts.
Recently at Mark Boulton Design, we’ve been working on a redesign of the global visual language for a large sports network. Like many web sites delivering
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