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Terri Gadal
Keeping the faith
Keeping the faith

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Don't Give Up
I still pray for peace in the world. Please let it come to be, let it start with me, and so I go about my day, as best I can, trying to make the world better. And though it often seems futile, I continue, for I know that giving up won't make it be. 06081995

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Between two poles
I'm between two poles of being and been of living and dying a snake shedding skin the last phase of being until I'll be complete reunited, whole, welcomed with love into heaven 05171996

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A Lift
Let my troubles burn away, leaving behind only the essential. Let the fire's light shine forth. May the Lord bless me and bring us deliverance in immortality. He is our champion of good, always supporting us in our endeavors, and guiding the lonely struggle...

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Dove Song
I dreamed a flock of doves descended from an opening in the heavens. They were looking for the Lord, but he'd already ascended, enlightened and full of love. So the birds circled the earth and shared their song. Yet no one listened. Let us learn to open our...

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Give Measure
Let me create the meaning I need through the gifts I've been given from God. Let the experience be so deep that it can only be understood through the experience of living it. We all need to use our time to explore and discover what we are, to slow down, and...

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From Love
Love has taught me how to love, even when it's gone, and I have to adjust to life alone, to sit and face myself and my loneliness, my emptiness, without distractions, and know who I am, and what I've got to give. That all comes from love. 05191996

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This time
I am grateful for the quiet time this morning, not to be hurried or off somewhere, but to spend time with God and at peace on my patio. It is truly a blessing to be aware, to know I am being guided, to have a conversation with God and listen to His answers....

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Fill the world
Look for me and you'll find me between the moon and the sun a space far out and hard to touch where faith and love are born filled with possibilities, yet empty if we fill our hearts with fear let the light of the stars guide us let the heavens be filled wi...

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I began to believe, and in so doing, I started to see the three elements of love as a trinity, always in motion, and the three loves promised became interdependent. It would be impossible to love God without others, impossible to love others without love fo...

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Blessed Life
Let me contemplate in my way of living so that I always recognize a blessing for what it is, and to share those blessings with all that I meet. This would truly be living a blessed life. 05151996
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