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Nuraini Arsad (Teja)

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This beautiful poem by +Words as Weapons​ is my my Mods Pick Of The Day. I absolutely love this poem.


I want to write a sad song to walk home to in the rain
I want to write a poem that will soften all my pain
I want to express feelings through my words but I can’t find
The right ones or the wrong ones, just blank words all the time

I want to create emotion through the rhythms that I write
I want to feel I’m welcome when I walk home every night
I want to feel the feeling that we feel when things are new
I want to feel the way I felt when I fell in love with you

I want to paint a picture with my canvas framed in gold
I want to write a story that will always be retold
I want to have a tombstone that is stained from tears that died
Not just to be remembered as somebody that tried

And if I get to heaven with sorrow as my guide
I’ll know that death has forced me to die and leave your side
I want to be that person who through his life succeeds
But I struggle with a purpose, what will become of me

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100 Steps Forward.

Image Credit & Copyright: Camilo Jaramillo

Explanation: A beautiful conjunction of Venus and Moon, human, sand, and Milky Way is depicted in this night skyscape from planet Earth. The scene is a panorama of 6 photos taken in a moment near the end of a journey. In the foreground, footsteps along the wind-rippled dunes are close to the Huacachina oasis in the southwestern desert of Peru. An engaging perspective on the world at night, the stunning final image was also chosen as a winner in The World at Night's 2017 International Earth and Sky Photo Contest.
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I remember
The sun stole looks of me in the morning
And fixed his eye eventually rising
Wrapped his beams all around my crown
Warm rays through the cloud surrounding.

But the thunderstorm killed his light
And she stole his smile away
The day speeds fast toward the night
Ah the sun sets, he has set for me today.

(c) Nuraini Arsad

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The waves roll away, they roll away!
With brightening day
But the water's grey, the water's grey.

His voice is sealed away, it's sealed away
Cloud rolls over the sun ray
He cannot play, no he cannot play.

Don't linger with Circe, do not stay!
But I watch the sun decay
And the waves roll away, oh they roll away.

(c) Nuraini Arsad

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The trees murmured of our love
long before the leaves whispered
our ancient names. On births
creation a constellation of
speckled veins traversing,
passing, rushing, yearning...
passion stirring, paths crashing.
Entwining energies, stoic
thread of silver calm, stitched
perhaps by Zeno in days before.
Are we the calm or the storm?

Karen Hayward ©2017

Oh that was a fun one!!

I do hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday 😎 I would like to further invite to participate in the line prompt... (my apologies if you have already received an invite)
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