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I'm in the process of migrating to a new Google Plus account. Please circle my new profile if you haven't already!

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It's great to see the progress of Google's self-driving cars!

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On his reddit AMA, GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving and I are discussing GoDaddy's decision to harvest sensitive user information during account closure.

During my own account closure, I was required to submit an image copy of my driver's licence, and others have reported submitting business licenses, certificate of assumed name, tax ID numbers, etc.

So far, Mr. Irving has stated that this is "...expected added protection that many customers have told us they want." What are your thoughts on this?

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GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving is doing an AMA on reddit. GoDaddy’s original stance in support of SOPA cost them dearly, a position which they have since adjusted by reversing their stance on net neutrality and appointing Mr. Irving as CEO.
Here is the transcript of the reddit comment I addressed to him, detailing my concerns about GoDaddy having an image copy of my drivers licence on their or their partner’s servers as a condition of canceling their service in 2011.

Update: Mr. Irving responded, and I have followed up:

#godaddy #privacy #netneutrality +Electronic Frontier Foundation 

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As a member of the anti-SOPA bandwagon, I moved my business from GoDaddy to a competing registrar in December 2011. Without exaggerating, I can confidently say canceling my service with GoDaddy was the worst customer experience I've ever had.

In order to cancel my GoDaddy account, I had to recover login information from Bob Parson's Domains By Proxy "Privacy" service which I had been paying for to protect one of my domains. After thorough verification, I confirmed I had never received login information to this separate account, so recovery was my only option.

Once my Domains By Proxy account had been recovered and logged into for the first time, *I had to send a scanned copy of my drivers licence* to Domains By Proxy in order to cancel service. As a security-minded individual, this still distresses me, especially because nobody's security implementation is perfect, including GoDaddy's.

My experience was not an edge case. Others have reported never receiving account information, and having to submit their drivers licence in order to cancel GoDaddy service.

> The fact that I was recruited to the role (and I'm known as staunch advocate for 4th amendment rights and customer protection/privacy) is evidence that the lesson was learned.

Mr. Irving, I'm glad that you joined the company and have helped repair their image as supporters of a free and open Internet. However, over two years have passed and I still have no assurances about a scanned copy of my driver's licence stored on your partner company's servers with the tagline, "Remember, your identity is nobody's business but ours."

Does GoDaddy still require people to send scanned copies of their drivers licence to Domains By Proxy in order to cancel GoDaddy domains with "privacy protection?"

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A year since completing the Codecademy track, it appears my Python knowledge has accrued interest.

#codecademy   #python  

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"I really want to light it up... When you put on more fire, then it always gets better." - Sune Nielsen

One hell of a music visualizer.

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Civilization II was the first game I ever owned. Alpha Centauri was the second. Finally, a spiritual successor to the games that gave children like me a deeper understanding and sense of wonder of world history, politics, the future of humanity, and instilled lasting, abject fear of Ghandi's nukes.

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Change. Your. Passwords.
It is generally advised to create new, unique, strong passwords for every service you use, and frequently. With so many online profiles to maintain, this arduous task is too easy to postpone. However, following the discovery of the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability, now you have no excuse!  #heartbleed   #changeyourpassword  
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