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Jacob Chipman
Truck driver, Tarot reader and person who likes Moxie.
Truck driver, Tarot reader and person who likes Moxie.

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May 2016 Tarotscopes
This May, the focus shifts from
beginnings to getting down to the brass tacks of our life. Spring is upon us,
despite a late snowstorm here in the northeast, and no doubt much grumbling,
when we thought the winter was behind us! But now that all our meteoro...

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Uses of the Deck Interview Technique
This spread comes to
us from Elm Dealande, and can be used to “interview” a new deck. The design and
theme of a deck is often what makes a particular reader gravitate towards a
particular deck over another, and in many cases readers find they use specific

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April 2016 Tarotscopes
Spring has sprung, and April is upon us. This month brings the spring equinox, and with the spring, the first stirrings of new life. It’s time to celebrate Easter, or Ostara, or Eostere, or however you spell it or recognize this time of the year. But I don’...

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March 2016 Tarotscopes- Welcome Spring!
Welcome March! Winter
continues to release its hold, and though we may have a last gasp here and
there, spring is on its way. If there’s a theme for this month’s Tarotscopes,
it would have to be fearlessness. Hunter S. Thompson once said “There is no such

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February 2016 Tarotscopes
Tarotscopes At the beginning of February is Imbolc, marking the
return of the sun. Winter, it seems, is slowly waning. The days even now are
just beginning to grow longer, although there’s still snow and cold weather to
come. But we also may just s...

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January 2016 Tarotscopes- Happy New Year!
It’s the start of a new year, and in many ways a new
beginning. Have you made any resolutions for the year ahead? Are you still
wondering when in this cold, dark winter we’ll see the sun again? Never fear,
dear reader. January looks like a good year, and it...

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Why A Study Deck?
is a study deck? Basically, a deck that you may or may not use for readings,
but do use for contemplation, meditation and study. Maybe it’s a little too
unwieldy to use for regular readings, or perhaps you have a favorite deck you
prefer to use. We do ...

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December Tarotscopes
Tarotscopes It’s the end of the year, so what will the
last month of 2015 hold for you? As previously, these Tarotscopes are done by
decans. Decans are obtained by dividing the whole 360 degrees of sky into 10
degree increments. Each Zodiac sign (t...

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Tarot Of Terror: Thomas Brown Hewitt/Leatherface
I'm still working on some cool little Cryptkeeper-ish introduction to this, but honestly just can't cram that many puns into a couple paragraphs. But anyway, it's been a while, so let's go down to the catacombs and see what's on the slab this time around. T...

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November Tarotscopes
Happy (slightly early) Samhain everyone! I hope you have a great one. I decided to knuckle down and start getting some work done, and to bring back the monthly Tarotscopes. So here goes, I hope you fnd them enlightening and helpful. I chose to use the decan...
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