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ok. i absolutely 100000% am getting this if i do not see anything good out of next weeks conference for v2

Anyone here anything from attendees at CES today?
Boys and girls, I think I found a winner. Saygus, ya got til the end of the month, then, Buh-bye. 

Man, following the last day or so of Twitter, everyone there is raising hell at Saygus. Even more so than the xda boards, which seems to have done nothing put act as a public outhouse for saygus since July. Everyone is up in arms, it's great entertainment if nothing else.

Interesting to watch how people bail in waves. Everyone is totally in the right to be upset over lack of progress, but I get a certain amount of fun watching this play out and see what's the boiling point for individual backers.
Good times !

(note: still have not cancelled, cuz I'm a picky a**** that still hasn't found a phone close to what I want in comparison to this fantasy.)

Has anyone else received a confirmation email of address? With as many members still active here, I find it odd that only one person posted update details, other than all the forgotten promises from Saygus's Twitter feed.?

Here is my major frustration.

I understand this is a big undertaking for a small company. Things go wrong, third party manufactures under deliver, time tables get pushed back. I understand that, but...

Saygus is acting like procrastinator with a pathological lie set. It's always another week and we will update you about our excitement on closing in on shipping, then... Nothing. No update, no real estimate on a factual projection for shipment, no apology. Nothing til the next time they come up with another short tweet or email that ends up with failure later on.

I've invested in crowd funded projects before that have had prolonged schedules. And you know what they've done? Hired people that give out detailed emails of updates, pictures, testing, videos. Actual data that helps us as a consumer, an "investor", come to terms as to why projects fall behind their supposed date. Things that make us empathize and remain disappointed/yet hopeful and trustful that everything is on the up and up.

Saygus has played this wrong from the start. Pre-orders that had a promise of delivery that went from early 2015 to May. And then a secondary campaign in June that promised a shipping of mid September. Now October has come and gone with no update with the passing of the latest date for the 31st.

With the amount of money they have lost in refunds, at around $600 a pop from those fed up, they could have hired someone to act as messenger, one who could have quelled the fears and aggravation of backers by giving real updates, making it enjoyable to learn parts of the process a small company like this had to take to make something so ambitious come to life. Someone who could have had the presence of mind to know how to talk to us instead of whatever the hell happens on their Twitter feed once a month!?!?

I prob will see this phone thru to the end, but won't be quick to hand over money to them again for the sheer absurdity of their assumed shipping dates. It's one thing to be off by a week or so, but absolutely laughable that they repeatedly missed so many target dates, so far apart.
Especially because technology is a very time sensitive area these days, and there are for sure certain parts that need to be either scrapped for newer models of defended for reliability. And while they have done their best along the way to argue for the 801, it makes you question what else that's in there that is going to be obsolete already for a phone that stated development over a year ago.

Why am I sticking it out? Because the laundry list of highlights still makes it unique enough for what I personally want in a phone for myself. Modular phones are still a bit away, an idea that I love, having the freedom to build a phone like you would a computer. I sure as hell will be going for that before dealing with a company misleading and mismanaged as this again. This was just a too good to be true idea. 

So snooping around the internet today looking for ANY new info, I went onto Amazon and typed saygus v2. There were a bunch of screen protectors, and they were all available for sale on October 30.
Don't know if that's one of those flukes that companies let slip something that they know but weren't supposed to announce, or just another dumb projection date.
Food for thought.

Samuel Conterato
August 30, 2015 2:58 pm
I backed the phone during the indiegogo campaign, and was excited. My enthusiasm dwindles as less and less info is forthcoming from your company. I see more and more people online requesting for refunds. I am now on the fence. There are many phones coming out that offer some or different options that your product has. There needs to be more transparency in terms of regular updates if you are to keep customers like me.

The last round of forum woes I had seen was someone requesting info with the reply coming back that an email would be sent “with in a week or the next” that time has come and gone with no one saying they had received any updates.

I realize you you are a small company. In that sense you need to keep a strong relationship with your backers. A brief weekly news letter would take no time, regardless of what was achieved that week in terms of development.

I don’t want to pull my money, but I need reassurance something is coming that’s more than a monthly update that doesn’t give a progress report.

Can we expect news soon?

~just sent this off. Interested to see response. 

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This shit made my entire week.

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