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Does anyone have an opinion on Trello vs Asana?
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I had been using Asana for a while and then found Trello and it was a much better fit for our workflow. Asana was a little too clunky and harder to navigate. The +Trello interface is much cleaner and works better on mobile (this was one of our main complaints about Asana).
I agree. Trello is far better for workflow. Asana was supposed to wow us. I think they got a little full of themselves after Facebook. It's still an OK tool for list management. But everything I do has a workflow element to it and Asana falls way short in that regard.
They're both really good in their own way. Trello is good for having an overview of what's going on, and the design is almost tactile. It's a very satisfying feeling, dragging a card to a "Done" list.

But Asana has its own strengths. It's better in some ways for actual task management; not the bigger chunks implied by Trello's cards, but the nuts and bolts, the individual actions it takes to get something done. It's really nice to be able to start the day by going through projects and marking a few tasks as "Today". And assigning arguably works better - the way that an assigned task shows up in your inbox (alongside your private tasks if you want), and you can choose when you're going to do it.

There are workarounds in each - you could set up a "Today" list in Trello, or use Asana's tags for more advanced workflow.

Probably the best thing to do is try each and see which one feels better for the stuff you're doing.
Those are good articles, just watch the dates on the answers because some of them are outdated and features have been added.
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