This is an infrastructure update. We replaced the old Google OAuth SDK with the new Google Authentication SDK.

Google has made a lot of improvements to its sign in module - including support for All Google account types [1].

This new feature allows us to upgrade
(a)... without forcing feedly users to have a google+ account,
(b)... without asking feedly users to create a google+ profile
(c)... in corporate environments where Google+ might be banned. 

The next step for us in the authentication track is to allow feedly username and password, facebook-based authentication and twitter-based authentication, Google+ based authentication and Wordpress-based authentication. Those 4 improvements are planned for 2014.

This new Google Authentication module is new so please let us know if you log out and have problems logging back in.

[1] http://googledevelopers.blogspot.com/2013/12/google-sign-in-improvements.html 
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