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Mack Dutt
A very innocent guy, loving airplanes
A very innocent guy, loving airplanes

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Our generation speaking out.(Men's XP)
Here are some things that we want y'all to understand, 1)  We may look like confused souls and we may not have a clue about what we want to be at the moment, but we'll figure it out, eventually. Everyone does. It will all fall into place. We'll make somethi...

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"People change" He said "Deception" she said. They were both searching for the faint line of differnce  between these words. "She was fair , beautiful" he said. Was she beautiful by heart? She asked. There was rapt silence. "He was strong and had a delicate...

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Conversation with God.
* Conversation With God * Q. What were you doing just before you died? A. I was hanging from the ceiling fan and struggling to breathe. The rope had started to  cut into my neck. I should have opted for a cloth instead of that nylon rope. Q. Why did you han...

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Dear God
Dear God,  Just please let everyone get the percentage they desire in the upcoming results, and yes even my 88%.  I ask for nothing more. -Mansoor Ali Khan ( I will pm the UID)  XD

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Praised for being a Goddess, Cursed for being a girl. Praised for being intellectual, Cursed for being a girl. Praised for being a man's support, Cursed for behaving like a man for her own family. Praised for being herself, Cursed because she was being judg...

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Music Midas- Tera Farishta
Music Midas.A growing, music group with it's Soulful songs. It is  made by the teachers and students of R.B.K School (Mira Road). Known to Mumbai, as the runner up of Voices 2014 competition, this group has surely proved that, with passion and determination...

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A college student who could'nt make it to JEE Advanced posts this on quora.
A college dropper, and as someone who could not get through JEE Advanced, took to  Quora  to find a reason to “live”. The anonymous person asked [2015’s IIT JEE cut offs were 105, whereas 2014’s cut offs were 152. We’re assuming that this question was asked...

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Depends on your perception. -Guest Post.
Depends on your perception. Everything has two sides, good and bad. Everything depends on how you perceive it, whether you're optimistic or pessimistic. Two people see differently when a glass half filled with water is placed, one sees a half full glass, th...

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Loneliness.-Guest Post
‘I feel so lonely man.(sigh).period. It’s
as if no one’s there for me. It’s as if people do not give a damn about what I
think, I feel and, what I really want .I feel empty.’’ Don’t these words sound familiar??Doesn’t
it look like we have heard these words ...

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Just stay in touch, my friend!-Guest Post.
Keeping in touch with friends after school has ended is a pretty tough task. Normally, a person stays in touch with hardly ten to eleven friends from school. The rest are either forgotten, or you've been tolerating them for your school-life, that you just w...
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