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Centenary Celebration Committee NLGHSS
Centenary celebration
Centenary celebration


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Inaugural ceremony of Centenary Celebration of NLGHSS

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Dimbanath Mili

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Mr. Iswar Prasanna Hazarika
Father's Name : 
Late Tirtheswar Hazarika
Mother's Name : 
Late Mokshada Hazarika
Date of Birth: 
Age on 01/01/2015: 
Place of Birth: 
North Lakhimpur
Present Addres

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মই এটা অসুখত ভুগি আছো


(চন্দ্ৰামিতা আৰু সুবোধৰ হাতত )
মই এটা অসুখত ভুগি আছো
চোৱা চোৱা কেনেকৈ বিবৰ্ণ হৈ পৰিছে
মোৰ মুখাৱয়ব
শ্মশানৰ নিৰ্মম নিৰ্জনতা
মোৰ অনুগত আঙুলিবোৰেও পাহৰিছে
জন্ম আৰু মৃত্যুৰ নিমজ অৰ্থ
সেইবাবে আয়ে সৰুতে কৈছিলনেকি
জীৱনৰ বাট দীঘলীয়া
জীৱনৰ বাট কাঁইটীয়া চিধা-চিধিকৈ তোমাক মই
অসুৰ কাৰণ কৈ দিব নোৱাৰোঁ
মই য'ত থিয় হৈ আছো
সেই অসুখৰ বীজাণুৰ কিলবিলনি
বানপানীত বিধস্ত এটা আঁচনিৰ দৰে
চুনামীত ধংস হোৱা অট্টালিকাৰ দৰে
মই এটা অসুখত ভুগি আছো ।‌
৬/১১/১৫ তেজপুৰ ।‌

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The site is to be launched soon. Kindly visit the portal and register yourself to avail the best result. To register yourself to the portal , click the 'login->Register a new account' link available in the site. During the registration,it would ask only your username ( as per your convenience) , email-ID and password . After registration , you can login to the site through the 'login' link. After login, if you are an ex student, teacher, faculty , employee of NLGHSS, then you should immediately submit your bio-data . During entry, a few data are mandatory but most of these are not mandatory fields. After completing details , you can save your data through 'save' option available at the end of the form. You can also submit your bio data directly without registration / login but if you feed your bio-data through registration & login then you can modify your bio-data later . Otherwise you can directly submit your Bio-data through the link " Submit Bio-data". In that case if you need any modification / deletion/ addition in your bio-data , kindly send us a mail to The ePayment gateway for online payment for registration fees and centenary celebration fees is being added soon and then you can contribute fees through Net-banking, Credit card , Debit card etc. You can also submit your article , poem through the add content link available in the home page. Wishing you all the Best
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