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Morning Androiders!
Pixis is literally at the final stage of development. After numerous prototypes and constant play testing, our patience has paid off. Pixis will be available as a free app on Google Play very soon.

We're back up and running, and pumping out progress in full force! With the addition of another programmer, we're now working on two titles: One being our grids project which is now officially called Pixis, and another we're calling "project blocks." More info is on its way, however, we can tell you both games should be released on Google Play in early Spring!

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Evening followers. We have an internship opening for programming. If anyone is interested in working on a project with us, apply at our jobs page.

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Bubble Blitz reached 100 installs! That's a great achievement for our first paid title. Thanks to those who've installed it.

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We did it, we finally decided on who we should go through to sell oora! related merch. To start we have two different logo shirts and, a Bubble Blitz shirt, and a Samurai Gachin shirt. All shirts are less than $16 each and profits go towards improving Oora! Games. Check out our shop

We've been pretty quiet the last month and a half  but now we're ready to share some news.
First on the list is our newest project currently called Grids. It's a casual puzzle solving game requiring the player to rotate tiles to solve a category themed image within a sized grid. The game features power ups to help the player solve this puzzles within a specified time. An in-game store system will control power ups and additional images. We're even building a multiplayer feature.  We'll have more information to share as we get closer to completion which is aimed for late summer 2012.
Second, We've got our very own licensed copy of Unity 3D. We've thrown around a handful of game concepts utilizing Unity and a couple may become future projects. That's very exciting for us.
Third, we're also working on designs for our Apparel Shop. That means tshirts with Oora! related art. Once we've finalized some designs, our shop will be open.
Until next update ^_^

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Released a gameplay trailer for Bubble Blitz.

Evening. It's announcement time! We have a new project under development. The only detail we can share at the moment is that it's puzzle solving. We're really excited to start this project, having spent the last few weeks fine tuning the details to make this title unique.

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This week's high score challenge is 455 in Endless. Can you surpass that?
Download the app below to take the challenge.

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Bubble Blitz featured on the Swarm network
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