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Philippe Chevry

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The future industrial robotics market
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Philippe Chevry

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How it looks when your science is correct! The cosmic inflation theory was firstly described in the 1980s and now evidence has been found to support this theory. All pretty awesome news for understanding the big bang that started our universe. Well done +Andrei Linde and the  #BICEP2  team! 

Read more +BBC News  for the full background:

#stanforduniversity   #bicep2   #cosmicinflation   #bigbang   #bigbangtheory  
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Philippe Chevry

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NASA Mars Curiosity Rover waves hello to Earth. We look so small from way out there! @NASAJPL
New images from NASA's Curiosity Mars rover show Earth shining brighter than any star in the Martian night sky.
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Philippe Chevry

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Hi Kickstarters!Caitlin here, your Community Foreman, with an update...SO much has happened already this Summer, and we are super excited to share updates on progress towards your ARKYD Space Telescope, and more.First...WE HAVE MOVED! Last month we moved into our new Asteroid Mining Spacecraft Factory in Redmond, WA. We have tripled our manufacturing space, and are quickly making our home here as we ramp up production on the spacecraft manufactur...
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Philippe Chevry

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Discover real Asteroid while playing a fun game. I was impressed by how it is easy to find asteroid with this game. You instantly have the feeling of making discoveries.
Our friends at +Planetary Resources  have launched Asteroid Zoo, an online tool that allows all of us to join the search for Near Earth Asteroids of interest to scientists and asteroid miners. Check out this introductory video, and get started!
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Philippe Chevry

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Philippe Chevry

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Big announcement in cosmology today of evidence from an Antarctic observatory #bicep2  supporting and placing constraints on  Inflation theory and for gravitational waves.  As with most cosmology, it makes my brain hurt, but if it holds up, it is a very big deal for proving theories of the earliest universe , and placing constraints on which permutation of the theories are right: details of the rapid inflation -- super duper rapid -- of the universe in the first tiniest moment after the Big Bang, and evidence for the presence of gravitational waves at that time.  Here is a nice 3 minute explainer video from Nature magazine to get you started down the rabbit hole.  More details can be found at:
The beginning of everything
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Philippe Chevry

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We live in an era of accelerating change, when scientific and technological advancements are arriving rapidly. As a result, we are developing a new language to describe our civilization as it evolves. Here are 20 terms and concepts that you'll need to navigate our future.
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Philippe Chevry

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What do you think of our visualisation of Bitcoin?
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