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Prashanth Padmanabhan
Product Designer, Product Manager for People Management and Predictive Analytics Software, Published Author
Product Designer, Product Manager for People Management and Predictive Analytics Software, Published Author

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Road-mapping User Journeys Is Better Than Road-mapping Features
Ever head of product will face this problem in most software product companies. During every planning period, every product team comes with a long list of features they want to build. Most features will have cryptic names that few people understand and inve...

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Product Managers Could Explain Data Science Results In Plain English
One of the key responsibilities of a product manager working with a data science team could be to articulate the results of a data science project in plain English to other team members and stakeholders. I take the following approach to do this. First, I re...

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Keep Application Teams Posted About Data Science Projects
In some cases the results of a data science project might lead to the creation of vast quantities of useful data. If the resulting data is used by applications, it is necessary to keep application engineering teams informed in advance so that they can be pr...

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Gene - An Intimate History - Book
I took a few days off from work recently. During that time I read the book, The Gene - An Intimate History by Siddhartha Mukherjee.    I read that the gene is going to change the world, the same way, the atom and the bit changed the world. Advances in techn...

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Data Science Teams Are Twice As Big And Work Twice As LongAs Application Teams
At Castlight Health, I have worked with  two data science teams that developed multiple data products. Based on my experience, I noticed that in a data product development team, the data science and engineering team is usually twice as big as the applicatio...

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Data Science In Real Life - Course
One of my development goals for Q4 2016 was to understand how data science happens in real life. I took a few days during the holidays to complete a course on this topic taught by researchers at the Johns Hopkins University. Unlike the other courses in the ...

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Real World Product Design - Wine Glass Hanger
The basic design of the wine glass rack. This week I took a break from thinking about designing data products to think about designing some day to day products. We have a lot of wine glasses at home that get used only during parties. So I decided to make a ...

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Data Science Can Help You Find A Good Doctor
In 2015, I led a team that built a data science driven product called Action . Action predicted people who might need care in the near future and helped them understand their benefits and their conditions better. Tens of leading companies in the US have Act...

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Book - Ego Is The Enemy
I recently read t he book "Ego Is The Enemy " by Ryan Holiday.  It is an interesting book that points out an important fact. In life and at work, if you take your ego out of the equation, work become a lot simpler and life becomes a lot more productive. it ...

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Book - Reinventing American Healthcare
The book, Reinventing American Health Care is a very good book for technology product managers who want to understand the history of the American Health Care industry, its current status and a glimpse into the near future. I moved from human capital managem...
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