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Best part of my birthday yesterday: ~80 Wagnerian singers performed Happy Birthday for me.

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Well, I'm doing Mary's Wedding. That'll be my life until the end of November. During December I have to swot up on Handel's Messiah, and then in January I start rehearsals for both Carmen and HMS Pinafore. How am I supposed to run two RPG campaigns with all this going on!?

1. Opera in enormously fun.
2. Opera consumes your entire life while you're in it, making your spouse question whether you still live together.
3. I've been asked to be a last minute substitute in a world-premiere opera that starts rehearsing even before the current one closes, which would essentially deprive me of a life until the latter bit of November (after Desert Bus).
4. Therefore, uh, well, hmmm. Time to confer with my smarter half.

Pub night on Tuesday! Karen's words: "Ah, my wife's out of town! Now I get to go out to the pub!" How does supper-ish onward at McRae's sound? Anyone want to show up?
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