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Interesting study. My conclusion, find a way to relate, not argue.
After a study on about support for gay marriage was faked, the debunkers performed the experiment for real. This time, the results suggest canvassing door to door might reduce prejudice long-term.
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Kevin Brady

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A niche group of political scientists may have uncovered what's driving Donald Trump's ascent. What they found has implications that go well beyond 2016.
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Kevin Brady

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Yet another government agency sides with Hillary Clinton in her battles with the Republican Benghazi Committee
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Kevin Brady

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Wasn't there the same conversation about John McCann being born in Panama? That was resolved as he was eligible, how is Cruz different they were both born to a Mother who was a US citizen. I have always thought that made you a citizen automatically. If the argument is that he needed to be born in the US proper, then McCann would have been the same.
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Kevin Brady

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Visit the #bookconcierge, NPR’s guide to 2015's great reads.
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Kevin Brady

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Nigeria is now off the list — the last case was in 2014. That leaves Afghanistan and Pakistan as the last two countries harboring the virus.
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Kevin Brady

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Children may not be able to put their emotions into words, says psychologist Vittoria Ardino. But give them crayons and they can reveal their feelings in pictures.
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Kevin Brady

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And the insider rumors start
Obama's next move is so brilliant, the GOP is going to have a hell of a time trying to stop him.
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Then Senator 0bama was one of the organizers of the first recent attempt to filibuster a nominee.  As he has wrought, so let him reap.
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Kevin Brady

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1/3 of the Mississippi watershed under flood warning.  I hope these folks headed all the warnings and purchased flood insurance. To late now.
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Kevin Brady

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Set of 5 videos that are interesting, informative, and fun to watch on the food you eat (or should )
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Kevin Brady

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Just because they could
In this solar system, Jupiter is about the size of a miniature watermelon. The sun is a small weather balloon. And the orbits, traced onto a dry lakebed, are huge.
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I attempt to be a critical thinker, and try reach beyond my view to try and understand others.  I'm interested in expanding my world by sharing ideas and conversation in a civil manner.

Politics are liberal, but based on the human condition.
Interest include Art, Culture (in the widest definite) Construction, Computers, Programing, Science and lots of other stuff.
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