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Carl Carter
CoZ Games Independent game developer
CoZ Games Independent game developer

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Dev update 26th December 2017 new game released

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Fruit Cascade is a Slot Machine / Fruit Machine game with 3 reels.

Play slots anywhere! easy to play and fun.

2 play modes, unlimted and champion

Unlimited Mode - play as much as you want for as long as you want!

Champion Mode - compete against other players posting your high score to the leaderboard

Fruit Cascade Features:

* £70 Jackpot (virtual only no money used in this game!)
* 3 Reels
* Hold buttons
* Nudges (nudge buttons activate after you win 3 or more on 777 high low feature, they can then be used anytime)
* Gamble button


ORANGE RUN : get 3 oranges and this feature will activate, stop the light on the amount to win

CHERRY FEATURE: get 3 cherries to activate, Stop the light on a cherry to win, the higher up the line you are the bigger the win

STAR FEATURE: get 3 stars and this feature will activate, climb the stars to reach the top £30 star before the time runs out

777 HIGH LOW: get 3 sevens to activate this feature, guess higher or lower to win nudges

Fruit Cascade, Slots
Fruit Cascade, Slots

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The Alien Horde is invading Earth, use bombs to stop them, attack with all your might!

Touch the screen to drop bombs on the alien horde to destroy them! The Aliens won't give up so don't stop! you must defend the Earth!

Supply helicopters will bring more bombs, score bonuses and nuclear weapon parts

bombs - adds to your bombs
bonuses - adds to your score
nuclear weapon parts - collect these to unleash a nuclear bomb on the alien horde!

* fast paced alien exterminating action
* hordes of aliens to destroy
* explosive alien destroying action
* stop the alien ships from defending the horde with their shields
* easy to play for all the family
* online highscores and achievements - can you top the leaderboard?

drop bombs in differnet patterns to find the best way to destroy the most aliens and get the high score.

You are Earth's only defense against the Alien Horde, humanity is with you....
Alien Horde
Alien Horde

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Keep your little one entertained for hours with this fun babyapp designed to both entertain and stimulate your baby or toddler.

* simple one touch controls
* animal noises and says animal names
* music and flashing lights
* drum machine
* talk to max the puppy and he'll talk back! play with him with his toys, paint on him and wash him!
* fireworks display
* drawing pad, draw a picture with red blue and black colours, pres the bucket to start a fresh drawing
* vibrant colours to keep your little one's attention

Animals has 12 cartoon animals to touch and hear their sound
Puppy press the puppy in various places to see what he does, press his left ear to talk to him and he will talk back!
Music has 6 classical songs on ABC 123 blocks that play with flashing lights
Drum machine has 6 different drums for your baby or toddler to play
Fireworks has a blank screen and when touched sets off colourful fireworks
Drawing lets your baby or toddler scribble on the screen

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Coin Storm is a fun coin pusher, dozer, arcade game dropping coins to get the highscore

Get the highscore and challange your friends and family to beat you on the online leaderboards with daily, weekly and all time highscores.

20 achievements to unlock, can you get them all with your coin dropping skills?

Drop coins to push more off the edge to score, get bonus coins to push over the dropzone for higher scores! watch out for the skull coins as they take coins and score away!

lightning coins will destroy all skull coins on the screen.

* bomb coins will blast the coins around
* CoZ Games coins give you bonus points

Coloured coins will activate different powerups once 5 are collected :

blue : push 5 coins into the dropzone to activate the vortex which will pull coins into the dropzone.
red : drop coins and push 5 red over to activate the bonus ring, drop coins through it for bonus points.
purple : push 5 purple coins into the dropzone to activate the prize spawner which will drop prizes onto the play area to collect.

prizes - collect all 3 coloured presents to get the jackpot
collect all the teddy bears for a score boost
collect the bonus prize to activate a bonus tray that will give you bonus score every time you drop a coin into it.

pushing coins into the dropzone will gradually fill the lightning bar and once full you will be able to fire a lightning storm!
this will send coins flying!

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Dragon Feeding Frenzy Saga is a catapult type game, where you have to solve puzzles to feed the dragon and meet goals to complete the levels. Like collect 15 Coins, hit 2 targets.

Travel across the land of Larismera on the world map unlocking levels as you go, find secrets, talk to the locals and discover ancient powers! and a hidden past...

Power ups! Some levels you can power up:

Ice power, fire power and electric power, charge your projectile to defeat enemies, activate machines and destroy objects.

easy to play, hard to master

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Download now from Google play store

Run for it, is a running game where you have to jump, slide and move to dodge obstacals, collect coins and treasures.

Once you complete a level you get to fight the areas boss in a battle to the death! from a forest demon to a high speed police chase to ariel battle against a plane armed with missiles!

There is also an explore section where you can run for it and explore the world in 3d! collecting more coins, completing quests and discovering hidden secrets along the way.

In Marathon mode you keep running until you hit something, getting faster as you go further.

In Speed Run Mode you have to hit boost pads to speed up your run and see how far you can run before the time runs out. You can collect more time but also watch out for minus time items and slow pads that slow your run down!

There are 4 playable characters in run for it: male, female, robot and ninja. You start with male unlocked and can unlock the other characters by collecting coins in game.
run for it
run for it

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Run for it beta test now open! become a beta tester!

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