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Layout 25 - Merry Christmas So Delightful
In my hometown during Christmas, the city hall is fully lighted with colorful Chrustmas lights.

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Layout 24 - Siblings
A Christmas layout with my brother and sister. I was 7 months pregnant at that time in the photo.

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Two Ingredients Homemade Sand
My six year old son wanted to go to the beach so he can play on the sand, but my almost two year old son was restricted by his pedia to avoid getting water in his ear. In just 2014 he's had three ear discharges. So I found a pin in pinterest (sorry forgot t...

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Layout 23 - When We Were Young
Created this layout of my husband with his older brother and sister.

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Layout 22 - I Love You My MVP
I made this layout with a Valentine theme with me and MVP in the photo.

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Layout 21 - Our Family
Love the classic feel and colors in this layout. The photo has been damage and covers half of my husbands face. Their dad has passes away when the youngest was still young.

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Layout 20 - One Sided Layout
I just love this simple one sided layout. MVP at four.

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Layout 19 - Birth of VIP
Here is another layout I made using a kit from Valentinas Creations when I was a member of her design team. This is VIP with photo taken in the hospital one day after his birth.

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Layout 18 - Angel from Above
This is MVP. The photo was taken in the hospital during his second day after birth.

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Layout 17 - Moment
A simple layout with a photo of my mom.
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