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Federico Elles
Must. Make. Things. Easy.
Must. Make. Things. Easy.


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Ingress, jemand?

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My first game
A challenging Match-3 HTML puzzle game for Chrome. I especially like the 8bit style inspired old Nintendo games. If you like it, you can motivate me to continue development in the comments. :)

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Dinner, this evening.

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Meeting Someone From Google+ In Person For the First Time

“Are you there yet?” We agreed to meet at 9:15 am and I got that text at around 8:50

I was already there in the freezing cold since 8:30 am because that was the only bus and train schedule that works with the meeting time.

So I sent him back a text which you can see in the picture below =)

+Federico Elles from Germany planned this trip last year and since Zell Am Ziller, a famous ski resort in Austria, is only about an hour away from me, I decided to join him and his friends.

Zell Am Ziller is a pretty big resort, we can go across three huge mountains which we did in the same day, are all more than 2000 meters high above sea level.

You can't ask for a better day to snowboard or ski. It was a sunny with a bright blue sky and we just had pouring snow the week before so the snow condition was perfect.

Fritz (nickname), his friends and I talked, laughed, jumped, fell, drank and snowboarded together all day and it was a great experience meeting someone from +Google+ in person for the first time.

If you are anywhere near Austria and if there is a chance, I look forward to meet more of you from G+ in the coming future =)
Zell Am Ziller, Austria. Meeting someone on G+ for the first time (16 photos)
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I started reading all major blogs about Minimalism (the idea to live with less stuff) half a year ago. Doing so I noticed a pattern related to building followers and monetization. I created a chart visualizing those pattern to train my analytic skills.

Did I miss a pattern? Please share your feedback in the comments below.

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No catalog picture. In real life. Amazing.

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This might me want to get an iPhone. --> Video

Nah, better wait for the Android version... :)

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I would love to rebuild this with the Google Prediction API and mostly based on HTML5:

On my way to the Google Developer Day in Berlin. Wonder which new technologies I will bring back home and to work. Last time we started predicting stuff afterwards with the Prediction API.
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