+Kay Sievers and +Harald Hoyer just made their little no-nonsense EFI boot loader public. It's tiny (< 64K), can show a menu, discovers all kernel configurations automatically (no wacky autogeneration of boot loader scripts), and can chain-load another boot loader if necessary. It doesn't really need any explicit boot loader configuration file at all, and if you want to change the timeout or the default entry you can do that with simple keypresses in the boot loader itself. It's a mini boot loader that just works, is robust and needs zero userspace infrastructure to work. Oh, and as extra gimmick it can pass performance data to systemd so that it can show after boot how much boot time is spent in the BIOS, in the bootloader, in the kernel, in the initrd and in userspace until the system is up.

Given that this code is clean, minimal and small (< 64K) maybe this should be the boot loader that the various distributions get signed for the SecureBoot jumble?

Oh, and the name is just awesome, too: Gummiboot!
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