Frequently when people comment on systemd they claim that systemd was all about boot speed and since boot speed was irrelevant on servers, systemd was irrelevant on servers too.

This is wrong of course, on all levels. Firstly systemd certainly boots faster than non-systemd, but thats primarily just a side effect of getting things right, and getting things right was much more in the focus of systemd's design. In fact, we never optimized systemd for speed really. We do look into bootchart from time to time but mostly to check if everything looks roughly ok, not to optimize the last tiny bit of it.

The primary reason though i am writing this plus story is the other thing: to clarify that boot speed on the server does matter. It matters for a number of reasons, but the two most important are HA on one hand and the cloud on the other. If your system goes down you want it back up as quickly as possible again. And if you have a tonload of vms or containers on the same host (as you do in the cloud) the boot times multiply and whether each vm of your takes 3s to boot or 33s suddenly matters, and matters a lot. And that's not hard to see actually, is it?
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