Some people are confused. And others are confused and write about it, like for example in this "Linux Future" posting.

I really like how "FLOS" uses "D-Bus" but no "sockets"... I wonder what how he thinks D-Bus transfers its data... Also, udev uses dbus now, as he claims. That's news to the udev maintainers though... I also like how he touts that FHS was UNIX even though only Linuxes adopted it and the actual true UNIXes never bothered with this. Also nice that he claims the usr-merge was non-UNIX, even though the real UNIXes Solaris and AIX did it years ago. Then, "loginctl ignores the old UNIX ways". Ahem, and I thought with logind we brought back multi-seat from the good old UNIX times and made it a first class citizen again.

This ongoing claim that systemd was "monolithic" and in that regard not UNIX, is slowly getting boring. systemd is a suite of various tools and daemons, written to work nicely together, living in a single repo. We copied that scheme actually from the BSDs, where they also develop and maintain their stuff much closer together and keep it in a single CVS.

The guy really confuses "How Linux did it traditionally" with "UNIX" even though the development of systemd and what he calls "FLOS" which he alludes to be non-UNIX comes much closer to how the real UNIXes are developed.

The whole discussion might even be interesting, if it mattered at all whether something was UNIX or not. Turns out it doesn't really, unless your religion is UNIX.
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