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Trish Matson
An award-winning writer/editor interested in science and technology issues, SF&F, history, games, music, dance, and more!
An award-winning writer/editor interested in science and technology issues, SF&F, history, games, music, dance, and more!

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Overblown headline, but important nevertheless. Removing someone who fought for rights of creative collaborators ultimately discourages such partnerships. Too bad, because I've liked everything else I've read about the new Librarian of Congress.
A light-hearted title for a disturbing political attack on an official who was upholding due process (e.g., for musicians' rights) and proper constitutional authority over copyright. "It is important to remember that only Congress, through the exercise of its power under Copyright Clause, and not the FCC or any other agency, has the constitutional authority to create exceptions and limitations in copyright law." I hope she lands somewhere good. #copyright #libraryofcongress #loc

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Gaining experience in audio editing
I've been on a couple of episodes of the Hugo-nominated Skiffy and Fanty (i.e. Science Fiction and Fantasy) podcast before, but this is the first one when I did the audio production for it. I noise-filtered it and took out most of the "um"s (though I left a...

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Captain America: Civil War review
Captain America: Civil War After the hot mess of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War was a heartening return to form for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with wonderful action, great character work, and some really moving moments — one that ac...

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My Continuing Cross-Time Crush on "Hamilton"
I can't claim any brilliantly original insights about "Hamilton," since so many good writers have already shared their raves for this historic Broadway sensation. But since today would have been the 259th birthday of the real man, Alexander Hamilton, I'm as...

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Mind Meld: What Makes the Perfect Short Story?
I recently participated in another Mind Meld at the SFSignal website with about 20 other writers and editors. This was the question posed by superfan Paul Weimer, which each of us answered in our own way: Novels have to do many things, novellas a few things...

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The Force Awakens: Fanservice Galore, Some Cool Stuff, and Some Bothersome Bits (SPOILERS)
People clapped when the Lucasfilm logo signaled that the trailers were over and Star Wars: The Force Awakens had begun. People (including me) cheered when the yellow Star Wars logo popped up against the starfield, concurrent with John Williams' triumphal th...

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Mind Meld: Writing in Another Author's Universe
For anyone who missed it, I participated in a Mind Meld at SFSignal with a number of other writers and editors, which was published on May 27. Here it is: The question pose...

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FOL at the CFLC Spelling Bee, 2015
The Cape Fear Literacy Council holds a spelling bee for adults every year as a fundraiser. The 28th Annual Spelling Bee for Literacy was held last night, and the Friends of the New Hanover County Public Library made it to the fifth round of six. Congratulat...

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My 2015 Hugo Awards Ballot
Tonight (July 31) at midnight PDT is the deadline for voting in the Hugo Awards , which celebrate science fiction and fantasy. I'm short on time today, so I'm mostly keeping this post to a list of my votes. If you're curious why I voted "No Award" so many t...

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Serendipitous moments: Libraries, Renoir, and Vreeland's Luncheon of the Boating Party
Earlier this year, I was at the library looking for an audiobook to entertain myself during a long drive. To my disappointment, I had already listened to all the available P.G. Wodehouse works. I started skimming backward through the shelves, and my eyes fe...
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