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Opening up more tea goodies on camera! Thanks Tea Ave!

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If you are a white man in America, here are some things to check out.

White women might want to look, too.

First, watch this 7-minute video, which explains why I'm specifically talking to white men in America: Even if you don't have a Facebook account, you can still watch it--you just have to ignore the persistent "sign up" banner that Facebook puts over the page.

Next, if you think what she says is not really true or not really a problem, try reading this short article:

Finally, if you recognize where you sit in society and would like to do something, but aren't sure what you as an individual could do, here are a couple of suggestions:

1) Talk to another white person about these issues and what they can do, too. AT LEAST do this.

2) Maybe do some of these things:

3) Or these:

4) Maybe pick one of these areas and get involved:

To pull a quote from one of the above articles, "racial justice movements need accomplices, not allies." There are lots of things we can do, fellow white men of America, that nudge things in the right direction. Heck, if your personality is more along the lines of shoving rather than nudging, that's good too.

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It's still raining, but hopefully tomorrow they'll be picking tea and I can make some more videos for y'all!
The first of hopefully several videos from Shanfu tea company in Shaxing, Fujian Province, China where tea geek Eric is working on the science of how tiny leafhoppers can make such a delicious tea.

Turning tea every half hour, tasting tea every 1-2 hours, and working in a sauna.  This is what goes into making wuyi oolong.

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Check out this great intro to gong fu cha recorded with some sorta antique microphone (vintage tube microphone from c. late 1940s early 1950s, for all the audiophiles out there who care).

"Always" being the operative word.  If you're going to label something, don't label "GMO", label the trait or some real measure of environmental impact.

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I recently got to drink tea with both of these guys (on separate occasions)! Definitely check out Emilio's pottery--beautiful stuff. Thanks for the interview James!

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Environmentalists: fighting GMOs means more and nastier herbicides sprayed on sugar beet fields.

He says that planting non-GMO beets would mean going back to what they used to do, spraying their crop every 10 days or so with a "witches brew" of five or six different weedkillers.

"The chemicals we used to put on the beets in [those] days were so much harsher for the guy applying them and for the environment," he says. "To me, it's insane to think that a non-GMO beet is going to be better for the environment, the world, or the consumer."

The quotes from Nixon and his Aid are crazy.
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