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Helena Baert

Blog 11 Info:
Here are your choices:
a) Go to the NYSAHPERD conference and tell us about 1 session you went to using the same Blog setup - Blog 11
b) Watch one of the following conference presentations:
1. Jean Blaydes Moize - Brain Based PE!
2. George Graham - being a COPPE teacher -
3. Paul Zientarski - The NEw PE -
4. John Ratey -
In your blog you will go through What, Gut, So what, Now what, sharing with us what you have learned and connecting it to a theory. As a teaching we are also learners so let's share and learn from each other!

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Given most of you like Kit Kat, a road trip to Wisconsin or the UK may be in order...

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PED 321 pictures!!
PED 321 Fall 2017
PED 321 Fall 2017

Hello and welcome to EDU 355!

Please check/download the blog directions:

Theories you can use (So What):

You will have 5 blogs - be sure to type in your blog under the correct professor and title them accordingly. Titles will include Blog #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and headings will include What, Gut, So What, Now What.

Blogs are due on Friday according to the due date, Comments are due on Monday - comments must be purposeful and useful to the writer.

Reflection is a key component in the course and will help us construct meaning from the field experiences we will engage in this term.

If you have any questions please contact your professor.

Thank you,

Dr. Baert

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Hi everyone! And Welcome!
Please read the directions in your workbook!

Be sure to always post in the appropriate blog week - as in click on the week in the left side column - this case: Blog #1, then type in your blog.
You can always type it into word and then copy it or you can always "edit" the blog after you save it by clicking the 3 vertical dots on the top right of your blog.
Below is an example blog.

For your post in introductions I would like you to describe one event you experienced while visiting the preschool following the prompts:

1) What? describe the event (e.g. I met Julie and we played with blocks together at the preschool

2) Gut? Describe the feeling the event gave to you (e.g. At first I did not know what to expect from my visit but as soon as I met Julie I felt happy to play with her and help her build a structure but I also felt sad to leave her)

3) So What? What does it mean? Why? THEORY LINK! (e.g. I was happy because Julie made it easy for me. The interaction adaption theory states that people begin an interaction with a combination of expectations, requirements, and desires. We often say that "someone's smile is contagious". That is exactly what happened. Julie was so happy that she made me happy so the theory explains that you can adapt to someone else and take on the same behavior. As in, I also began to smile. (Burgoon, 2012)
* Each week you must use a different theory - here are some more:

4) Now what? How will this effect your experience in this class? (e.g. I am excited to learn more about teaching preschoolers through my interactions with them. The theory shows me that I can learn a lot about teaching and learning through being with preschoolers but I am also excited to learn more about myself.)

** Please use the headings what, gut, so what, now what *
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