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Placing the email marketing puzzle together for you
A few quick email etiquette tips by Tracy Thomas Emailing From Your Website Knowing email etiquette… Are you sending emails to clients, groups or followers of a blog post? Well, there are a few consequences for sending inappropriate sized files. Are you a business that is filling up and shutting down your clients email accounts...

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Name Brand Recognition and Image
By Tracy Lee ThomasRev Marketing 2U, Inc.
name brand

Name brand recognition is frequently developedthrough years of consumer branding activities. In the past, most of theactivity focused on offline activities such as mailers, commercials, andin-store promotions. Over the past ten to fifteen years, creating brandrecognition has evolved to include email messaging, mobile apps, social mediaand website optimization, and can take much less time to build. Rev Marketing 2U is a unique company that brings success to businesses looking for onlinemarketing success.

The biggest challenge facing marketers is creatingname brand recognition without inundating the consumer, and thus alienating theconsumer. One of the easiest ways to create name brand recognition is toutilize appropriate search engine optimization, or SEO. By creating anopportunity to easily find a website, a product is more closely associated withthe name brand. A great example of this concept is Google. When consumers arelooking for an item on the Internet, the phrase most commonly used is “Googleit”.

The benefit of name brand recognition in theGoogle example is clear. Consumers identify an Internet search as requiringGoogle, more Internet traffic flows through Google, and the advertising revenuesustains the company. Additionally, as the name brand grows, Google hasopportunities to expand the brand into different channels, such as phones,licensing of data, and certification courses for Google-specific skills likeAdWords.

There are many benefits to utilizing a brand imagein conjunction with name brand recognition. One of the more frequently usedexamples of this is Apple. Or, the Nike swoosh. Nike and Apple have achieved alevel of name brand recognition that doesn’t require their name to be writtenfor consumers to recognize the name brand. It’s a beneficial relationship forboth the consumer and the company -– the consumer can easily relay to othershis ability to purchase a name brand item, and the company gets freeadvertising since its logo is prominently displayed on the product.

The importance of the image, or logo, is that itcreates a psychological connection between the product and the company. Whenconsumers purchase based on name brand recognition, they are aligningthemselves with what the company supports. Many name brands have worked througha crisis communication plan due to the unintended damage the company’sactivities may have on the consumer demographic.

The consumer demographic frequently drives theprojected rate of product adoption. Sales numbers tell a company how well thename brand is doing within a target demographic and whether an opportunity toexpand into other channels exists. Expansion of a name brand into new productlines is clearly beneficial to the company, in that the name brand recognitionwill translate into increased sales of the new product as consumers buy a namebrand that is familiar to them.

The primary benefit of creating name brandrecognition, and a logo to work in tandem with the name brand, is the emotionalinvestment consumers attach to the name brand. For a name brand recognitionconsultation, including a website and SEO evaluation, contact us at 877.235.3954or at

Don’t Delay ! This is a CALL TO ACTION that will changeyour Marketing Goals and online presence TODAY. Call 757-580-9002 and get a FREE Marketing and Reputation Analysis.

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Monthly Website Maintenance
By Tracy ThomasRev Marketing 2U, Inc.
website maintenance

Monthly website maintenance is the act of updatingthe elements of a website, specifically the graphics and text, on a scheduledbasis. It is important to maintain a website for several important reasons thatcontribute to the professionalism and legitimacy of a website. There areseveral reasons you may choose to do website maintenance.

The first reason you may choose to do websitemaintenance is because the information on the website has become outdated orhas changed. If this information is not updated, users on the website willundoubtedly become confused or regard the website as untrustworthy and notlegitimate. Website maintenance will attract users to the website.

Another reason you may choose to execute a websitemaintenance agreement with Rev Marketing 2 U is because of a security threat.If there is reason to believe a hacker has penetrated the website, the websitecan be shut down so that the problem can be explored and website maintenanceaddressed without the interference of website users.

Why do website maintenance on a monthly basis asopposed to doing website maintenance every few months or once a year? Even ifthe information or the graphics on a website does not change often, at the endof a few months or a year, there will be a lot of website maintenance thatneeds to be done. Since this website maintenance will take a long time, thewebsite cannot be accessed by users during that time. This causes aninconvenience for the website owner as well as the website’s users.

When you do website maintenance, it is importantto research any improvements that can be included. New developments intechnology are coming out rapidly, and it is important to include the ones thatfit your website purpose best in your website maintenance. This will be sure toattract more modern-minded users who want the newest and fastest featureswherever they go.

The features that you always want to check whendoing website maintenance are simple. For example, check that all of the linkson the website are working. Also, make sure the website is adhering to itsprivacy policy so as to protect users. Check for proper grammar, spelling andpunctuation. A typo will stand out in a negative way to a user and will lead tonegative feedback.

Without proper knowledge of website code orwebsite software, it is going to be difficult, if not impossible, to completewebsite maintenance. Figuring out how to update a website on your own is time consuming,as well as leaves the potential for mistakes. Website scores, website gradesand proper inspection of the pages takes time.

To set up monthly website maintenance, use atrusted service online, such as RevMarketing2U. Call today at 877-235-3954 ore-mail to talk to someone who can set up websitemaintenance that best suits your needs. Don’t wait another day to get yourwebsite updated!Don’t Delay ! This is a CALL TO ACTION that will changeyour Marketing Goals and online presence TODAY. Call 757-580-9002 and get a FREE Marketing and Reputation Analysis.

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Internet Marketing Is Making A DifferenceBy Tracy Lee Thomas

Rev Marketing 2U, Inc. The increased popularity of the Internet as a research tool,store, and social networking community has led to a large increase in demandfor Internet marketing from businesses. There are many aspects to Internetmarketing that can be used to attract sales and promote a business to usersonline. Since Internet marketing is so widespread now, it is even moreimportant to find a company that does it well. Rev Marketing 2 U is a company thatoffers the very best in Internet marketing to help your business grow and reachits full potential. There are many tools in the Internet marketing arsenal thatcan all be put to use to aid a business in finding as many customers aspossible including search engine optimization, reputation management, websitebuilding, social media, and general monthly maintenance and online marketing.
Starting with the basics, RM2U offers websitebuilding services. People like a company today to have a website that they canvisit to see some information about a company and easily find services thatthose companies offer. A straightforward website that is easy to navigate isthe first step to making your business more user friendly over the Internet.This also opens up the market for your business to all of the users on theInternet. The Internet is full of potential clients and having a website forcustomers to look at and order from opens up business to those potentialclients. Rev Marketing 2 U can build a website based on a client’sspecifications or put it together for them.
After a company has their website put together,they need to look into marketing for that website and the business in general.Marketing involves several things when done over the Internet. Among the mostheavily used features in Internet marketing is search engine optimization. Thisis the process where Internet marketers, like RM2U, research keywords and matchthem to your website. This helps to get your company’s new website to the topof the search engine results. Since most users online only look at the firstfew pages of search results, having your company near the beginning isessential to attracting customers to your company.
Social media has become a huge force on theInternet recently with the development and huge success of Facebook and othersocial networking websites such as Twitter. Placing a small ad on the side of apotential customers profile on a social networking website can generate bigbusiness. Social networking websites like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook havebecome some of the most popular pages on the Internet. Putting an advertisementon one of them could be a great move for a business.
With the volume of business Internet marketing cangenerate for a company, online marketing is too big to pass up. Companies needwebsites and marketing done on the Internet to keep current and make theircompany available to their clients. RevMarketing2U is a leader in the industryof providing marketing and Internet expertise to customers. Call today at (877)235-3954 for details.

Don’t Delay ! This is a CALL TO ACTION that will changeyour Marketing Goals and online presence TODAY. Call 757-580-9002 and get a FREE Marketing and Reputation Analysis.

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How emailcampaigns from your website can change your lifeByTracy Lee Thomas President/CEO Rev Marketing 2U, Inc.April 03, 2011 Aprofessional, informative, designed and easy-to-navigate website can providehuge value to any business or organization. A well-done website rewards readerswho bother to find the site with a positive experience and the information theyseek.

The website provides the positive experience and online readers use it at theircontrol.

A next step is to upgrade the website so it actively helps the business ororganization interact with readers with future communications. The website canalso create a mechanism to reach out to those online users through future emailcommunications. Email campaigns based on a list of website participants can beused to build a connection, give a reader more information, drive consumers tosales and more.

Professional marketing folks think all the time about adding a mechanism onwebsites to capture names and email addresses. “For further information …Contact us … Join us … Want to know more? … To receive sales alerts, couponsand other information from us …” The consumer, pleased with the business ororganization’s website and its message enters his or her email address andclicks “Submit”. Software behind the website then collects, collates and buildsan online mailing list, or lists.

Professional marketing people also track those emails received. Data trackingand analysis provides valuable information including number sent, numberactually opened, time spent by the reader and more. Too much for many businessowners to manage on their own, Rev Marketing 2U provides a top notch service inthis area of servicing and marketing.

Frequency of mass marketing emails depends on the business or organization. Aweekly newsletter. A monthly business update. The week’s top sales items andtime-dependent coupons. A periodic announcement of a business event, personnelchange or other noteworthy action. All producing more hits to a businesswebsite.

An organization might use email campaigns for quarterly or semiannualnewsletters, but create a separate campaign for fundraising that starts monthlyand moves to weekly or even daily as the “big event” nears. Creating the“Community Buzz” to the website for new clients and updates to current clients.

As businesses think about all the types of messages that can benefit with emailmarketing, they think also about the groups or categories of their readerconsumers. On the website, the “join us” or “sign up for more information”pages can stop at the viewer’s email address or ask for additional descriptive,demographic information. With additional insight about consumer interest, age,occupation/company, etc., an email database can be subdivided and categorizedfor varying types of business communications. Armed with this detail, emailcampaigns can be created and distributed to specific reader targets. Forexample, a clothing store might have one list for sales pitches (a larger shopmight have one list for adult female fashions, one for recreational gear usersand one aimed at teens), a separate list for press releases and yet anothersub-list for institutional investors wanting company financial information.

With the help of Rev Marketing 2U, mails are easily forwarded. A successfulemail promotes consumer action, such as placing an order, calling a politicianabout an upcoming vote or writing a donation check. A truly successful emailgets forwarded and forwarded again, increasing the organization’s reach far beyondits original mailing list. Seemingly at only a keystroke and its one of thebest investments on a site.Don’tDelay ! This is a CALL TO ACTION thatwill change your Marketing Goals and online presence TODAY. Call 757-580-9002 and get a FREE Marketingand Reputation Analysis.

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Online Graphic Design
By Tracy Lee Thomas
online graphic design

With so many Internet businesses being created athome on a daily basis, there is a great demand for qualified online graphicdesign designers that get results. There is so much work that goes intocreating the perfect online graphic design. This is a professional job thatrequires a lot of training in very sensitive areas. The professional graphicdesigner must be a perfectionist when it comes to creating a beautiful onlinegraphic design for someone else. That is why customers need to choose the bestcompany for the job. Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. is that company. They know whatthey want and they want it done right. That is also why choosing the bestonline graphic design professional is a must when it comes to Internetmarketing.

Experience is the best teacher in any classroom,and especially in the business world. Leaving important jobs up to amateurs isnot a smart move. A website truly defines what a business is all about. It isthe front porch of the organization. That is why creating the perfect onlinegraphic design web page and designing the perfect online graphic design buttonmakes the biggest difference when someone wants to make a distinction betweenwho is who on the Web. Services like marketing strategies can be incorporatedinto the website as soon as the online graphic design is complete.

Having a professional online graphic design teamplayer put together a unique web profile will help the owner gain credibilityon the Internet. It is about picking the right colors and creating the rightniche to compliment whatever online business is about to be born. What reallysells a business, a person, a service, or a product is the landing page of thewebsite. The landing page is where the customer will land once the searchengines start searching. When a customer lands on that page, they need to see aprofessionally created online graphic design that is tailor made and customizedto create a glorious effect. The online graphic design artist knows the rightcolors and designs that go together.

It is great to have everything in one place.Having an Internet marketer can help to create some effective SEO content toplace on the website landing page. It is vital that the online graphic design,the website, and the content be in harmony. There is nothing more disappointingthan to reach a website expecting to see something totally unique only to getfrustrated. A unique online graphic design page will compel visitors to stay.

When professional artists, graphic designers,Internet marketers, and SEO content writers get together in one place even thesmallest business with the lowest ranking receives a chance at getting noticed.A good online graphic design artist is skilled and creative. When an onlinegraphic design student is in training, they are still learning the ropes. Somestudents have already mastered the skill, but lack the credential. Finding aqualified online graphic design artist is just a click away. Contact us at’t Delay ! This is a CALL TO ACTION that will changeyour Marketing Goals and online presence TODAY. Call 757-580-9002 and get a FREE Marketing and Reputation Analysis.

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Google Ads and PPCBy Tracy Lee Thomas

Google ads,PPC

Google ads are among the most popular andeffective ads that can be placed on the internet today. Advertising has alwaysbeen a way for companies to make potential customers aware of them along withattracting business. Google ads are so effective because Google is one of themost popular websites on the internet. Many Google ads and ad campaigns are PPCadvertising which means that a customer only pays per customer that actuallyclicks through to the company website from Google. Since Google is such a big namein the search engine field, having Google ads is a way to reach millions ofpotential customers that are in your market.

Google ads come into play when a user searches fora specific word or phrase. If a predetermined phrase is entered into the searchbar, the Google ads are the results that show up first, above any other webpages. This makes the probability of your website being visited by a potentialcustomer much higher than without any Google ads. PPC advertising is anothergreat aspect of Google ads. Running a continuous advertisement on a website aspopular as Google is can be very expensive. This is why PPC advertising wascreated. PPC cuts down on costs for the advertiser while still providing a topsearch result.

PPC stands for "pay per click" and isexactly what it sounds like. PPC is a way for a company to have a few Googleads without having to pay the price it could take to run it continuously. SincePPC is pay per click, your company only pays for the ad based on how many usersactually click through to your website. PPC cuts down on cost because manypeople may run a search that pulls up your website as one of the advertisedresults but not actually visit your website. If you used PPC for your Googleads, then you will not have to pay for the people that just ran the search, butonly the customers that visited your site and chose either to buy your productsor not.

Google ads combined with PPC advertising can be ahuge benefit for any business. Google is one of the most visited sites on theinternet today and is used to search for products, services, and information.People looking for products and services take advantage of Google ads to findthe right product for them without having to sift through pages and pages ofsearch results. Google ads provide a way for businesses to put their name intoa specific market without costing too much. PPC is one of the most effectivebilling methods for Google ads.

PPC ads cost significantly less than continuousadvertisements. PPC shows the willingness of companies to charge fairly fortheir services. With Google ads and PPC working for your company, searches willyield the results you are looking for. If your business could use some PPCadvertising and search engine optimization, contact RevMarketing2U today at(877) 235-3954.

Don’tDelay ! This is a CALL TO ACTION thatwill change your Marketing Goals and online presence TODAY. Call 757-580-9002 and get a FREE Marketingand Reputation Analysis.

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Every Business NeedsTheir Own Website
By Tracy Lee Thomas President/CEO Rev Marketing 2U, Inc.

These days, websites are usually taken for granted. In fact, most smallbusinesses do not have a significant Internet presence. It is imperative thatyour business not fall into the same trap. The following are some of the moreimportant reasons why your business should have a website. Rev Marketing 2U canhelp deliver an effective website that addresses each of these issues.


To be taken seriously, you simply must have one. Without a website, you areinvisible to the generation that venerates the smart phone. No amount oftraditional advertising will overcome the fact that they cannot find you ontheir smart device at the exact time that they need you.

Information Availability

People want fast, easy access to info about your company. Personalized customerservice has gone the way of the dinosaur. Simply put, the new generation wantsyour information available at the touch of a few keystrokes.

Hands Off Marketing

In short, you are always available. Your office may be closed and your staffasleep but you are still actively engaged in the business of business.Customers can visit your site and make requests for proposals or leave theirnumber for a call back in the morning. New clients bring new success!


Answer the same question a few times and you can see the absolute need for thisfeature. Customers are not stupid and are willing to do a little legwork.Provide them with easy solutions to their most asked questions and you willreadily build customer loyalty and respect.

Increased Sales

Make money in your sleep. Provide a reliable, secure Ecommerce site and you maywake up to a few extra sales every morning. In any event, your customers willvalue the ability to quickly and reliably procure your product or service atany time of the day or night.

The Hub

This aspect of website development is undoubtedly the most important. Acompany’s website is the hub of any effective marketing campaign. Emails,blogs, viral campaigns and social marketing all feed into the same website. Thesame is true for tweets, YouTube, FaceBook and LinkedIn. All information leadsto the central database and is organized and stored there.

The successful small business can only grow by developing, maintaining and datamining the information that is captured by their website database. Thisinformation is the lifeblood of sales growth. Not only does it fuel theexpansion of your customer base, it provides the opportunity to up-sellproducts to your existing clientele.


Your website can provide a window into the culture of your company. Motivatedpeople will recognize this and approach you for employment. There is no betterway to find talented applicants for any position in your company.

In the final analysis, only the business owner can decide what is best for hiscompany. We, at Rev Marketing 2U, can only promise to listen to your needs anddeliver an attractive, functional and cost effective solution to them. Don’tDelay ! This is a CALL TO ACTION thatwill change your Marketing Goals and online presence TODAY. Call 757-580-9002 and get a FREE Marketingand Reputation Analysis.
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