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2017....the year I publish something again...I hope.
      Yes, I am still writing. I have yet to publish anything in the last two years. Now 2017 is halfway over and things are busy. I am finally wrapping up projects I started as far back as 2014 and the light at the end of that dark tunnel is just a speck, ...

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Neo-Noir in the works
    Like I have said in pas posts, I have creative A-D-D, and what good creative person doesn't. As I started to compile notes on the third instalment of my series The Five, I suddenly got the idea to do an anthology of flash fiction of the criminal persuas...

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New Project Old Goals
     I admit when it is slow at work I plug in my flash drive and write. Lately I have been writing a lot. I started a new novella that accompanies The Five series and I decided to write a screen play for an idea that came out of some photos my friend and c...

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Back to Writing!
    I saw an Instagram post today that really struck a cord and that cord reverberated all day. It read, "Being a writer is like having homework for the rest of your life." So true! I stopped enjoying "free time" the day I realized, rather than go crazy, I'...

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Of Regrets and one
Things you should have heard but never will: Tell me the truth and tell me now. Tell me in his eyes you see a
little black haired girl with blue eyes that is more stubborn than her mom looking back. Tell me that I don’t matter in your mind. I take no space

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Two authors walk into a is Joe Haldeman
     I got a text from a bar manager I know. He says, come to the bar tonight I want you to meet a friend of mine. So of course I go because I know who he is talking about. His friend is Joe Haldeman , author of many science fiction books, most notably Fore...

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New venture
   I know I have mentioned my condition, creative ADD. Yeah its a thing, if not it should be. I was talking with a fellow author/creator and totally got what I was saying. I start to write and BOOM I switch up and start writing something different. Anyway, ...

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Next Con
     2050 Events is hosting a new convention in Daytona Beach, FL. October 30-Nov 1st and guess what? I will be there selling my latest book, The Five Episode 2 Salvation's Reign. We had such a great time at the Tampa Bay Comic Con last month that we just h...

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Post Con-Tampa Bay Comic Con 2015
     Tampa Bay ComicCon was a great time and total success from just about any way I look back on it. We sold out of books, met and created great new fans of The Five as well as enhanced some friendships we already had. The atmosphere in Tampa was great. Th...

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Focusing on what I am and not the things I am not.
    The title of this post may sound negative or depressing but I assure you it is not. I could on down a philosophical rabbit hole that would leave us chasing our own tails snared in a morally subjective argument. I am post philosophical queries and see my...
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