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LM seems to be working well on Honor 8 - thanks! Except... the H8 has it's own LED plan for charging... I set LM to show green only at 100%, but the H8 persists in showing green at 90%. Any way you know of to trump the H8's native LED plan? Thanks

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Reasonable post by El-Erain. Note: "Tactical Component" ~= Momentum...
Market Calm May Be Short-Lived FEB 22, 2016 2:00 AM EST By  Mohamed A. El-Erian Last week, global equity investors got a much-needed reprieve from volatile, loss-inflicting markets. But rather than signaling the start of a calmer market phase, this may well...

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Grantham: Economy Will Beat Consensus View
Fund manager Jeremy Grantham thinks cheap oil will give bigger boost to global output than many think. By JEREMY GRANTHAM February 4, 2016 Here is summary of this piece. • The positive effects of low resource prices are underestimated. The U.S. and global e...

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Jeff Saut 2.5.16
"As many times as we've repeated this over the years, we feel compelled to yet again remind everyone that the stock market and the economy are not the same. Financial media personalities and pundits compete to outdo one another with doomsday prognostication...

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Note to self. Sorry...
Rose Bowl Parking. 5 N to 2 N to 134 E.  ~1.5 mi to Figueroa.   Exit - looping around to Fig.; left on Fig.;  left on Colorado Blvd.  .25 to .5 mi on Col. then left on Patrician Way.   Wind around Annandale Golf Course.  Keep to right.   Rt on Glen Oaks Blv...

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Always ask "Does it add value?"
In the spirit of offering guides to navigating life's challenges, here is a version of the heretofore very closely-held "Bill's Corollary*": Always ask "Does it add value?" This can be asked of anything - a company, a business plan, an individual's job, a p...

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Some bs

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Stocks: Patient Bullishness
The volatility in markets these days is a big story. What's all the to-ing and fro-ing about?  CNBC needs something to do. Seriously, the case for a sour market outlook comes not from the ranting punditsphere, eg, the likes of Carl Ichan  warning about a lo...

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My comment on Josh Barro's article on Carly Fiorina at the NYT.
bill n   lafayette, ca   Pending Approval Ok, have scanned most but not all the comments.

It's clear none of you, esp Barro, know what you are talking about.

HP was dead in the fall of 2001. Dead. It would have ceased to exist if not for the merger. Wo...
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