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New condensed player booklet for version 2 of the Basic Rules.
24 A5 pages.
-Added new Noble Background and Spells
-Added missing Conditions page to pad out the document
-Added missing Vision descriptions
-Added missing Sneak Attack Damage description
-Removed dumb semicolons
-Fixed some typos

I also made an easy to print PDF containing all the spells in the form of cards.
16 A4 sheets, can be cut to 127 A7 pieces, each containing a spell.

Rules PDF

Rules ODT

Spells PDF

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I made spell cards from the spells in the Basic Rules. They are organized by Class and Spell Level. They are meant to be printed on A7 cards. I only condensed the spell descriptions, if the spell wouldn't fit on two pages. There are like 121 spells, so I might have fucked up somewhere.

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Condensed the Basic Rules PDF down to 22 A5 pages. Spells not included. May be useful to someone.

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