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Lynne Melvin
Owner of Riverdale Supply
Owner of Riverdale Supply


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4 top questions that we are asked:
1) How do I clean up the water in my pond or dugout?
2) I have a lot of muck in my pond on my lake shore around my dock. What can I do about it?
3) How do I get rid aquatic weeds?
4) How do I get rid of leeches? ewww!
5) My pond /dugout is green and I want to swim in it. Can you help?
We are passionate about water and we have the solutions you are looking for! We promote only environmentally friendly products that do not harm our precious water. Call today and our experts will diagnose your pond and provide the best treatment plan! 877-745-6898

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Are you worried about our fresh water in Canada? We certainly are! As warmer temperatures are just around the corner, algal blooms are too! Algae depletes the dissolved oxygen in the water, it can be toxic and not to mention unsightly. Our company is doing our part to improve the bodies of water with increased dissolved oxygen and the reduction of algae including cyanobacteria. Would you like a presentation to find out how? Call us 877-745-6898

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Crystal Clear PondShock is a fantastic product to hit the Canadian market!! Billions of beneficial all in one ball that you drop in your pond and go! Call to reserve yours today!!

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What If we told you- we could eliminate the Algae in your small lake, pond or reservoir, and prevent it from ever blooming again? No more Green, thick film on your beach. No more stink. Just a clean, clear and eco friendly body of water... In the past this may have seemed impossible. But not anymore.

Introducing LG Sonic . Using Ultrasound technology safe to aquatic and terrestrial life, LG Sonic sinks algae and prevents it from resurfacing. If you don't believe us, read our case studies.

Contact us at Riverdale 877-745-6898- we are the supplier of LG Sonic systems!

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What is a typical pond issue that you face with your pond?

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Ponds, Lake Shores & Water Gardens - We have what you need to keep the water clear and green free! Building a Water Feature? We have expertise and equipment to do so.

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Great new country song!!
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