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Paco Garcia Jaen
Too many senses of humour to count them all, but none laughs at you!
Too many senses of humour to count them all, but none laughs at you!


Mierda... Greg Stafford se ha muerto....

Mierda, mierda, mierda, mierda.
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This coming out day is a funny thing… firstly because it is a “put yourself in danger” day thing for a lot of people.

I hate to think that there are some who might feel pressured to come out. Don’t.

You don’t HAVE to come out. You dome out in your own time, at your own pace and to whoever you feel safe with and for whatever reasons you want, but not because someone has decided that a particular day of the year is better or more propitious to come out than any other.

Coming out is a very, very life-changing experience that will give you some freedom, but also will make some people treat you differently. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

Be ready to lose some friends who never were so. Be ready to be surprised, loved, hated, welcomed, supported, rejected…

But you can also get ready to be yourself. Not the self others wish you were, but yourself. The self that can now look at whoever you want without worrying if anyone is going to think you are other than who you say you are. Get ready to be able to find a partner, or many, who are not being deceived because you are hiding yourself.

Get ready. For everything. And I hope it works for you as well as it has worked for me.
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A algún americano se le ha ocurrido que hoy es el “día internacional de salir del armario”. Un día del año en el que miembros del colectivo LGBTQI+ salen del armario y se muestran como quienes verdaderamente son.

Para mucha gente el “Día internacional de salir del armario” es el “Día internacional de ponerse en peligro”.

Detesto pensar que haya alguien que se pueda sentir presionado a salir del armario. No lo sientas.

NO TIENES POR QUÉ salir del armario. Cuando lo hagas – si lo haces – que sea cuando tu quieres, al ritmo que tu quieras y a quien quieras que te sientas seguro/a de salir y por los motivos que tu quieras. Pero no porque alguien ha decidido que hoy es un día especial o mas propicio del año para mostrarte como verdaderamente eres a todo el mundo.

Salir del armario es una experiencia que te cambia la vida y te da cierta libertad, pero también hará que alguna gente te trate de forma diferente, a veces para mejor y a veces para peor.

Prepárate a perder algunos amigos que en realidad nunca lo fueron. Prepárate para llevarte sorpresas, sentir que te quieren, que te odian, que te dan la bienvenida, que te apoyan, que te rechazan…
Pero prepárate para ser tú de verdad. No el tú que otros querrían que tu fueses, pero el tú de verdad. El tú que puede mirar a quien le de la gana sin tener que preocuparse de que alguien piense que eres quien no dices ser. Prepárate para poder buscar amantes o parejas a los que no tienes que engañar fingiendo ser quien no eres.

Prepárate. Para cualquier cosa. Y espero que te vaya tan bien a ti como me ha ido a mí.

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Abierto perfil en MeWe:

My MeWe profile has been opened in advance of G+ demise. Look forward to seeing you there!
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Y otra cosa que me jode de tener que migrar a otra plataforma es el riesgo de encontrarme con los trols a los que llevo ya tiempo bloqueando por aquí.

Esto va a ser un trabajo un poco arduo...
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Me apuesto algo a que G+ va a cerrar solo para que Google vea cual es la plataforma alternativa a la que migra la gente para intentar comprarla sin que nadie se de cuenta.

Eso o compran FB.
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I am MEGA excited to see this happening!!!
Hi everyone! I'm absolutely delighted to announce the launch of our Kickstarter for THE CHRONICLES OF FUTURE EARTH - COSMIC FANTASY ROLEPLAYING IN THE POST-HISTORICAL AGE.

This is our brand-new product line, based on the setting I've been working on for almost twenty years (+Paco Garcia Jaen will be able to relate our early adventures in the universe, many many moons ago!). In some ways it's the ancestor - or is that descendant? - of the Mindjammer setting, a huge fantasy game set in the Earth's far, far future, a time of mouldering ruins, lost technological artefacts, mysterious species, gods, demons, and sorcery, and mind-bending dimensions.

The game is written for the Fate Core System, but a very different version from the one you're used to; heavily tailored to the "cosmic fantasy" genre, it's deadly, epic, and action-packed, with all kinds of special features I've been working on since the release of Mindjammer.

In many ways, THE CHRONICLES OF FUTURE EARTH is the spiritual successor to LEGENDS OF ANGLERRE. If you liked that game, you'll find a similar approach here. This time, though, the setting is up front and detailed, with lavish artwork and gorgeous maps by +Jason Juta, and a deep background to power your mind-bending adventures.

I hope you'll join us and help make THE CHRONICLES OF FUTURE EARTH a reality. It's my hope that the Chronicles will be a product line as deep and as exciting as MINDJAMMER, and that both games will chart adventure-filled paths through the strange aeons which lie ahead.

It is the end of the Fifth Cycliad, and the world cries out for Heroes! Welcome to the Chronicles of Future Earth...
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¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ A TOPEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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