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Flowerbulbs and Perennials for the Garden

Why settle for middle of the road? Get more! All flower bulb/plant supplier aren't created equal. Savvy gardeners have discovered that they can enjoy better quality and value, more complete service and overall superior results by choosing Easy to Grow Bulbs. Here's why.

BIGGER Flower Bulbs

It's simple and intuitive: bigger bulbs produce more flowers. Oversized bulbs settle in better and produce more flower stems. Always look for information about the size of the bulbs you're buying to get the most for your money. Offering smaller bulbs is the primary way unscrupulous flower bulb sellers skimp to reduce their costs - at your expense! 

And for potted plants, check to see if you're getting a 3.5" pot (them) or one that's 5.5" (us). Bigger is better.

Better Value

Value is a combination of quality and price. We encourage you to check the competition to see what size they are offering, at what price. No size info? Draw your own conclusions.


Designing a big sweep of scarlet flower carpet roses or a group of six salmon begonia hanging begonia pots? Save on quantity purchases here, everyday. Buy 3 or more packages of the same variety and enjoy automatic discounts of 10-20%. Orders that include multiples are faster for us to pack (and yes, we like to encourage larger orders) so we pass along the savings.

Free Bulbs

We all love free goodies and when you place an order for products totally $50 or more, we'll add a complimentary package of bulbs for you to enjoy. Chosen for success in your part of the country, these are fun, free and fabulous. And they're always the same size we usually send, not some weird little leftovers.

Customer Service from a Real U.S.-Based Person

Have a question? Need guidance in making a selection? Call us. During regular business hours (PST) the phone will be answered by a real person who is happy to help. This person sits in a California office; most of the time you'll speak with our head customer service person, Kathleen. If we miss you, leave us a message and we'll return your call. If there's a preferred time to return your call, such as mornings between 9-11:00 EST, just let us know.

Speedy Shipments

Nobody likes to wait. We understand that after placing your order, fast receipt is appreciated. Most order ship in 1-2 business days. CA customers sometimes get their boxes the next day! (Note that early season spring orders are sent when weather is appropriately warm in your part of the country.)

Careful Packing

Open your shipment from us with confidence, knowing that there won't be dirt tossed all over and bulbs rolling willy nilly in the bottom of the carton. We line our boxes with a sheet of newsprint (recycled from our local weekly newspaper printer), roll protective paper around potted plants and bag bulbs in reusable plastic mesh bags.

Fragrance and Beauty

Why settle for beautiful flowers when you can have all that and fragrance, too? Whenever possible we choose cultivars that are scented, either lightly or lushly, so that you can enjoy both sensory delights. In the last 15-20 years many rose, peony and other flower breeders have ignored fragrance in favor of flashy looks. Given that, it's a good idea to make sure any traditionally scented flowers that you're considering buying really are fragrant. Check product pages for that information; it's provided where applicable.

Information to Help You Succeed

Poke around this website - it's bursting with information to help you learn about new plants and to increase your gardening success. Start with Planting Guides for details on soil, lighting needs, suggested uses and cool facts on the various plants.