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Tray Ellis
Tray Ellis is a writer. Perhaps with too much on her plate, but she is writing!
Tray Ellis is a writer. Perhaps with too much on her plate, but she is writing!

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above the cut line
Time is going by so fast! June 28th is right around the corner and this means my novella Pyresnakes has moved from below the cut to above the cut on the Upcoming page at Dreamspinner! Small things make writers so happy. ;)

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Rainbow Snippets for Sunday
With my novella Pyresnakes being released on June 28th, it makes perfect sense to bring out my 6 sentences from it for Rainbow Snippets this weekend. Here are the 6: He pressed soft kisses against Brandon’s hairline. “You smell like a campfire,” Aran whispe...

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erratic -- a geological term
In Pyresnakes I very briefly mention erratics -- a word somewhat obscure enough that my spellchecker doesn't like it -- but in this instance it is a noun and can be made plural. It's a heck of a big boulder that got brought somewhere out of place by the slo...

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MM GoodBook Reviews Blog Post
Here's the first of my blog posts regarding Pyresnakes! MM Good Book Reviews graciously allowed me to post some thoughts about Pyresnakes and I touch upon roma...

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new story started
The goal is at least 15k words and I'm already up to 11k. It's been a real pleasure writing this one -- I figured out the entire plot prior to even starting to write and now it is just a matter of hitting the marks as I work through it. A few things have su...

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sticky post updated
Over at my Dreamwidth blog I maintain a sticky post with my up-to-date links for what is available. I usually get it updated once or twice a year because writing can be a slow-moving business, so I don't have a lot of changes. Except for this time! I had ch...

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upcoming blog posts for Pyresnakes
I've been working diligently behind the scenes to create some very interesting blog posts about content within Pyresnakes (how do I feel about snakes? what about the very strong secondary grandmother character? what genres got all mixed into the story?) and...

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Blue Collar party tonight
The Blue Collar party on Facebook is ongoing now! Come join us! I'll be posting a little later tonight. And Adele Downs did a marvelous post about the Anthology and her story in it, go look: ...

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Blue Collar is now available!
Blue Collar (A Boys behaving Badly Anthology) is now available! Here's the amazon link; There are some really great authors that I'm pleased to be included ...

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Full of the Wild Life
I've got a short story in the Blue Collar Anthology: Boys Behaving Badly Amazon link: I'm one of 16 stories, and they are all fabulous! I have a teaser for m...
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