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Heritage Builders Global develops tools to help families.
Heritage Builders Global develops tools to help families.

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Does the affection you show your kids require an excuse?

In this week's Heritage Talk, Otis Ledbetter shares why requiring something from our children in exchange for our affection is a dangerous and painful road to go down.
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"My energy level was NOT sapped by emotional wrangling!"
Parents, are you ready to enjoy your evenings again?
Watch Bedtime: Part 2

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Last week, Gail Ledbetter shared some tips from helping her oldest kids wake up in the morning and get a great start to the day. This week, she shares how she took it to the next level with her youngest child.

WATCH -->>

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What is the most difficult time of day for your family?
For many, it's getting up in the morning.
ICYMI: Gail Ledbetter shares her tips for what she did with her kids to start the day well.

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The NEW Heritage Builders Global site is LIVE TODAY!

No matter your language or device, the site is set up to serve you!
Check it out:

A few notes on what we are still working on:
1. We're a little backlogged on bulletin inserts for churches. As it turns out, uploading hundreds of files takes TIME. But, we are working on it and hope to have the archives full this month!
2. You may have noticed a new Videos & Podcasts section. We will begin utilizing that in a BIG WAY in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!
3. If you do not see the new site (if the old one shows up), close your browser window and open it again. This should refresh your browser's cache, as some browsers hold on to copies of websites for later.

If you run in to any difficulties on the site, please message us on Facebook - that's the fastest way for us to work it out.
God bless!
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