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Save System-Wide Column Formats in Oracle BI EE Answers Not Available for Admin User
Issue: After the OBIEE Patch upgrade the Admin user cannot save column properties as a system-wide default for the catalog. Rootcause: BI Administrator Role is not granted the Save System-Wide Column Formats privilege. Follow the steps below to fix the issu...

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OBIA CURRENT_DAY Variable Defaults To A Static Value Instead of a Dynamic Value
Configure the value of the CURRENT_DAY variable to have the Default Initializer set to VALUEOF("LAST_REFRESH_DT"). This can done by double clicking the CURRENT_DAY repository variable under the option Manage, then Variables, then Static.

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Modify the override SQL for session PLP_GLBalanceAggrByAcctSegCodes, to add hint /*+ OPT_PARAM('_GBY_HASH_AGGREGATION_ENABLED', 'true') USE_HASH(W_GL_BALANCE_F, W_GL_ACCOUNT_D) */ this will improve the performance.

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ETL Processes
ETL is an acronym for a three step process to extract data from source systems and load
the data to a data warehouse. The three steps of the ETL process are: Extract and load Staging Tables: Extracts and consolidates data from one or more
source systems and...

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How to start and stop services in OBIEE 12c
Go to below path Windows: ORACLE_HOME\user_projects\domains\bi\bitools\bin Start.cmd  for start services Stop.cmd  for stop services Status.cmd  for Status of the services Linux: ORACLE_HOME/user_projects/domains/bi/bitools/bin  for start services ...

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uploadRpd Failed: Failure in trying to acquire lock
Getting the following error while uploading RPD in our new 12c Environment: ERROR ----------------------- uploadRpd Failed: Failure in trying to acquire lock. Check bi-lcm-logs or diagnostics. Error Desc Code: DESC_CODE_SERVER_EXCEPTION RootCause: WEBLOGIC ...

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my obiee login page is taking forever to load. Try this to reduce the time to login to obiee home page. Stop all BI services. Take back up (if necessary) of most recent log and keep them on local drive DELETE LOG FILES from each of the sub folder inside :  ...

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No Log Found OBIEE Error
Issue: when checking Manage Sessions -> View Log for a report that was run, the following message is seen: ERROR ----------------------- No Log Found Solution: This usually occurs when the Logging Level has not been set for query executions. The easiest way...

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Slowly Changing Dimension type III
In SCD type 3, a new column is added to the orginal data, which displays the partial historical data Let us consider the example: EmpNo Name Location 1001     Mark  Delhi Consider Mark moves from Delhi to Manchester, then a new column is added to the previo...

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Slowly Changing Dimension type II
In SCD type 2 a new record will be inserted in addition to the old record. In SCD type 2 historical data is maintained so you will have both the old record and the new record Let us consider the example below: EmpKey Name Location 1001 Mark London Now, Mark...
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