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Techono remix of the dance of the sugar plum fairy!

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“Good news everyone!” says Professor Farnsworth, “Broken Wings is at last published!” Hope you like it.

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The first blade touched me
Carved the pain and gifted me
The shape of my heart.
My stubborn fate blessed me
On my soul and filled me
With the pain in my blood.

full poem:

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درد ها را می شماری، تا بخوابی.
بیداری تا کی؟ تو در درد بیشماری.

دردی می خری تا چند دردی بفروشی
لیک درد بازی، معتاد به درد قماری.

ادامه شعر...

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And his guts
Shall order his teeth
To tear apart the soft bodies
Of all those innocent cookies.

Their sugar mother will never
Forgive herself
For giving
Too much love to them.

Read the full poem here...

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If there is any life left
I will pass by it in a way
Neither trembles the feet of a virgin
Nor my mortal cureless heart.
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