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Six Word Memoirs - Past
A lot of people tend to hold on to the past wish they could re-live it and i'm one of those people. The past is behind you and no matter how bad you keep holding on to it it's not going to come back you have to move forward and create new memories that will...

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Six Word Memoirs - Future
I'm still undecided with what I want to do with myself when i'm out of high school. I'm not the type of person that makes decisions easily so it's tough for myself. I have slight ideas of what career path I want to take in the future but then I always think...

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Rise Against - I don't want to be here anymore
Rise Against - I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore (Lyric Video) Rise Against is my favourite band and they just released their first single today off of their upcoming album "The Black Market" which comes out July 15th. Thought I would share this song for everyone to check out.

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Jack White - Lazaretto
Jack White - Lazaretto Jack white is one of my favourite musicians and seeing as how he just released his new album "Lazaretto" today I though i'd share his new single off of it.

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Visual So What
I feel the message of this image is about how people never sit still people are moving all the time so their home changes. No matter how many times you move throughout your life you still always feel at home. That is why I feel the house has crab legs showi...

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The Raconteurs - Carolina Drama
This is my favourite song from The Raconteurs. This is sung by Jack White who is one of my favourite musicians which makes me enjoy this song that much more. I think this song does a great job of storytelling and I enjoy this song so much due to the story t...

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Ted Talk - Apollo Robbins
This Ted Talk is about misdirection and how we don't notice things that are right in front of us but we believe we are aware of them. This Ted talk stuck out to me because it really makes you stop and realize how much we aren't aware of even though we see i...

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Bill Elm & Woody Jackson - Triggernometry
Triggernometry - Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack My favourite track from the game Red Dead Redemption. This song is awesome and it never gets boring to listen too.

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Skype Reflection 2
1) What went well I felt the presentations in today's skype session went well having different groups present procedural writing that we learned from the previous skype session. I feel the presentations had a good response from the grade 3 class. 2) What is...

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Procedural Writing - How to build Railroad system
Step 1: Gathering Supplies First you need to gather Wood, Gold Ore, red stone and Iron Ore in order to build the items we need. Step 2: Making the power rails To create power rails you will need to place 3 Gold Ingots on both sides one stick in the middle a...
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