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After months of procrastination, I got the acrylic rods needed to complete these guys. Grandpa N would be happy

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It has been long coming, but I finally got the acrylic rods to base these guys properly

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Good Guy #wizardsofthecoast  sends Long Beach hurricane Sandy victim GM a holiday surprise!

My friend (and selfless weekly GM to so many since the 90's!) lost everything on his ground floor during Hurricane Sandy, including 20+ years of D&D rulebooks, supplements, adventures and novels.

As several feet of flood waters poured in, he chose to rescue precious items like his daughter's princess castle and his wife's sentimental treasures. His impressive #DnD  collection, on multiple giant bookcases, toppled over and were destroyed in minutes and needless to say he was dispirited. So I reached out to #wizardsofthecoast   to see if there was anything at all they could do to help us rebuild his collection (discounts, coupons, PDFs or anything). They said that maybe they could do something for him. Nobody expected this enormous box of Christmas cheer!!

Thank you Wizards! The day before this showed up he was telling me he'd lost the will to play or rebuild his collection. An hour after it arrived he was in good spirits and working on a new campaign :) This makes all the players in our groups feel good about supporting their company all these years. And we appreciate the older edition they thought to include! And sorry about the wall of text guys :)
D&D Christmas gift to Sandy Victim (3 photos)
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