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Via +Alex Scrivener​
Miele ships dishwasher with full web server, including directory traversal bug and open write access. So if your router has UPNP enabled, the whole world can now control your dishwasher...

Please stop putting web servers in everything!

Are all health insurance companies evil, or just United and Anthem? Both of these have caused disruptions in vital medical care by insisting on pre-authorizations of medicines their policies supposedly cover, requiring delays while our doctors have filed additional paperwork to vouch that yes, in their professional medical opinions what they prescribed is in fact necessary. How is it even legal for insurance companies to refuse to pay for what they include in their coverages pending additional paperwork? The result is people not getting what they need in a timely manner. Perhaps they hope that some of these pre-authorization hurdles won't be cleared, saving them money? Perhaps they enjoy playing God and acting like they are more qualified than doctors to judge what is appropriate treatment? Perhaps they enjoy causing suffering? The sooner these companies perish from the earth and stop interfering with the practice of medicine, the better for us all.

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I'm starting to think millennials are our country's only hope.

Today I learned... Car dealerships in Indiana are closed on Sunday, as required by state law. What?

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Another recent happy find: All Dogs.

(Spotify, for all its faults, has been good for discovering music.)

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This is rather incredible to read. The message is more subtle than what we may have seen in previous years. He stops short of saying greed is good, content to criticize Sanders for saying greed it not good. And the author suggest that even when there is greed, the benefits are needed. So basically, he is saying greed is good, without owning up to it exactly.

The basic tactic, such as is seen in much sophistic argumentation, is to point out what is in fact good about something, and then downplay the need for or ability to distinguish between what is good and what is not about a thing. Capital is good and necessary. So it follows that particular institutions which move lots of capital around are good and necessary? Maybe though, we don't need these particular institutions, or at least, don't need them in forms very much like their present ones.

The best part of the piece though is the bit about iPhones. You like iPhones right? So you have to like Wall Street because there would be no iPhones without Wall Street. I won't say the author thinks his audience is stupid (though he repeated assumes the reader loses interest when slightly complex financial topics are raised), but it's telling that he chooses the iPhone as his example and he doesn't talk about things like jobs or home values. Would you rather have equity in a home you own and a healthy retirement nest egg, or an iPhone? But these aren't questions fit for plebians to attempt on their own. That's why we have the wise folks on Wall Street moving capital around for our sakes the sake of benevolent greed.

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So there's profit to be made in xenophobia?

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My favorite recent band find.

Another day. Another ill-conceived limitation in Jira.

This time it's that Jira prevents the assignment of multiple people to a single task. According to Jira's official documentation, this is "to prevent tasks from being overlooked". So much for shared ownership.
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