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Batteries Wholesale Online Delivered Fresh
Batteries Wholesale Online Delivered Fresh

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Hi, This is Chuck of,

We sell a lot of Batteries Wholesale so I would like to catagorize some of our main battery catagories. 1) The Standard Batteries like AA, AAA, C, D, and 9 volt. Any of these can also be rechargeable with using the same sizes. But there are others similar to these that may fit into this category such as AAAA.  The most common chemical types would be Heavy Duty, Alkaline, Lithium, and for rechargeable NiMh or NiCd. The Voltages used for these are 1.5 volts or 1.2 volts for rechargeable.

In these sizes and others there are AA size, 1/2 AA size and others  in 3.6 volt with are usually Lithium batteries.

Coin size Batteries are usually lithium and usually 3 Volt.

Watch size and Button size commonly are alkaline or silver oxide. These are used in many devices other than watches, clocks and calculators.

Photo and Camera batteries can be any, all, or other including custom, semi custom general use special general use, such as the CR123a Batteries or others.

Sealed lead acid (SLA) are usually heavy and rectangular.

In conclusion, If the battery you are looking to replace has the same size, shape, voltage, and a similar capacity, it would be likely to be compatible.


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