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I was approached on a Septa Bus on April 27th by someone who was representing Septa, and she asked me if I wanted to take a survey on Septa. She gave me a card to fill out my name and email address. The card said that the survey was about Septa's service in the 30 days and that I would receive the survey by email. I got the email with the survey and submitted it. I not pleased about it. I replied to the email and now I am wondering if my reply ever got through to anyone. Heather Hounkarins name was on the email I received. Below is a direct copy and paste of the reply I gave to that email:

Dear Septa,

I took the survey but never got to say what I wanted to say. First of all, I thought the paper which I put my information on was about the service in the last 30 days. The online survey was about the service in the last 7 days. Here is what I want to say: Septa is not doing enough to maintain order on the bus. I take bus route 119. The passengers are so loud and so rude. I will give you an example of a real event including the time. You can check your cameras to verify what I say. Here it is: On Thursday April 26th, on Bus 119, heading towards the Concordville shopping center, to arrive at about 1:50 pm, the bus is on Hatton Drive and arriving at the shopping center- two youths were verbally fighting one another exchanging curse words (the F-word and the P-word) and were very loud. At the time, I was wondering if something violent was about to occur. The one youth started cursing as he was walking to the front of the bus. The other youth was in the back. The one who was walking to the front was very loud and his tone was ringing in my ear as he walked by. Then he stood at the front and continued yelling at the youth in the back using the F-word at least twice. Then the hoodlum in the back responded by calling him the P-word. At this time I started getting fearful wondering if this was going to be one of those times where somebody does something crazy on a Septa bus. But then the bus came to a stop next to Home Depot and the youth up front got off. While all of this occurred, not only I but also a woman and young child were present. The bus driver did nothing about it, but I do not blame him for that. I think its time for something that is going to happen someday anyway. It is time to start putting law enforcement officers on the bus. This is the only way to keep the atmosphere calm as well as clean. The incident I described is not the only time I have been uncomfortable on the bus within the last 30 days. Passengers are leaving trash. There is a sign that says "No Eating. No Drinking. No Smoking. It's the Law." but the sign is always disregarded with the exception of the rule against smoking. Most of the trash comes from passengers eating and drinking on the bus. There was also a time more than 30 days ago, but less than a year, when a passenger threatened to light up a cigarette. I thought he would do it. Luckily he did not. These are more reasons why there must be a law enforcement officer on the bus. Another thing about many of the passengers on this Bus 119 is that they often play music out loud from their cell phones or portable devices. They almost never wear headphones, but choose to play their music out loud, which is rude to the other passengers. There needs to be a rule against this. Many nights on the way home from work while on the BUS 119, passengers seated in the back would be very loud playing games. Sometimes it would be quiet for a minute and then all of a sudden they would all start laughing or shouting. It sounded like they were playing cards or dice but I'm not sure. This used to happen every night. Sometimes you would hear them clapping. I no longer ride the bus at that time (9:15 pm from Concordville to Chester Transportation Center) anymore but I have a feeling nothing has changed. Now go ahead and check your cameras for Bus 119 on Thursday April 26th at about 1:50 pm, and I am sure you will see a youth standing by the driver who appears to be shouting at someone who is seated in the back. Thank you very much.

Septa Bus Passenger
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