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Pachuca Hgo., Noviembre del  2014
 Grupo Integral News le saluda con gusto y pone a su amable consideración las propuestas de publicidad para su empresa.

Sabemos que se acercan fechas importantes en donde la economía de nuestro estado y nuestro país tiene una mayor fluidez, en Integral News, estamos convencidos de que la publicidad es una herramienta fundamental para que más y más personas dirijan su mirada hacia el producto o servicio que ofrece y en ese sentido ponemos a su alcance nuestro portal que maneja información diaria y la Revista Énfas!s que aparece mensualmente en todo el centro del País.  

Además tenemos redes sociales Twitter y Facebook herramientas que también sirven de apoyo a las campañas publicitarias.

Comentarle que cubrimos un amplio mercado por lo que podremos aprovechar las promociones con la que cuenta su negocio como son: su excelentes precios, ubicación y servicio.

Para el Grupo Integral News, sería un honor empezar a trabajar con usted, tenemos la seguridad de que nuestra empresa periodística y de comunicaciones podrá ser un apoyo para incrementar sus ventas por eso  le presentamos los siguientes costos por paquete:
                PAQUETE 1  (3 PUBLICACIONES)
Revista Énfas!s
Se acompaña de un banner en portal y redes sociales
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$6,000.00 más IVA
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Promoción el tercer mes  gratis
                PAQUETE 2 (4 PUBLICACIONES)
Revista Enfas!s
Banner en el portal y apoyo en redes
( 1 ) plana cada mes
15 mil más IVA 
Promoción cuarto mes gratis

 Publicación en pagina web y menciones en redes sociales $5,000.00 mensual.
Contratación de dos meses, el tercero es GRATIS, impreso en revista, publicación en web y menciones en redes sociales.


Sin más por el momento quedo de usted como su segura y atenta servidora. 


Irma Hernández Jimenez
Ventas y Publicidad
cel. 771 239 51 27
ofc. 148 54 88
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Calle Francisco Petrarca 254 Miguel Hidalgo Polanco, 11570 Ciudad de México, D.F., Mexico
Calle Francisco Petrarca 254, Miguel HidalgoMXDistrito FederalCiudad de México11570
+52 55 5545
Mexican Restaurant, Fine Dining RestaurantToday Closed
Monday 1:30 – 3:00 pm, 6:30 – 10:00 pmTuesday 1:30 – 3:00 pm, 6:30 – 10:00 pmWednesday 1:30 – 3:00 pm, 6:30 – 10:00 pmThursday 1:30 – 3:00 pm, 6:30 – 10:00 pmFriday 1:30 – 3:00 pm, 6:30 – 10:00 pmSaturday 1:30 – 3:00 pm, 6:30 – 10:00 pmSunday Closed
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Richard Goggins's profile photo
Richard Goggins
2 weeks ago
Everything from the food to the service was outstanding. I loved the reimagined variations on typical Mexican dishes. It was a great opportunity to see traditional dishes done in a way that was just as amazing. I'll definitely be back.
Amy Sherman's profile photo
Amy Sherman
a year ago
I was a little disappointed by Pujol. The menu is cutting edge, but some dishes are more intellectually interesting than they are "delicious." Service was less than what it should be. Do not let the restaurant call you a cab, they will bilk you for 3-4 times what it should cost.
Lorena Cabré's profile photo
Lorena Cabré
5 months ago
3 months ago
Laurita Moore's profile photo
Laurita Moore
8 months ago
Pujol The food and service are extraordinary and they are seriously blighted by sound problems and a dysfunctional online reservation system. I spend my time in México walkng, reading restaurant menus, mostly disappointed in the lack of imagination, the abundance of meat, pizza, and foreign influence. Fortunately I am here during the season of chiles en nogada and huitlacoche and, after much hunting and research, can find enough places to satisfy my palate for several weeks. For breakfast, fortunately I love chilaquiles, which seems to be the national breakfast. With this in mind, I was seduced by the online write ups of Pujol and thrilled to learn that I could splurge and afford it. The food, intimately Mexican, was what I yearned for. In my perspective, Pujol has some serious problems to fix before it reaches the status of world class. 1. When I tried to use the online reservation system it said there were no reservations until the following week, by which time I would be gone from Mexico City, for another year. Inspired by the menu, I would not give up and sent an email asking if they could squeeze in one more person. The response to my email was prompt, requesting that I call. My request was granted. To my surprise, I was only one of two tables eating at the time of my early 6:30 reservation. Fix the system. 2. Sound. I am not an audiophile, yet the awful sounds during my otherwise exquisite culinary experience drove me to distraction and are the reason I will never eat there again, until or unless I learn that significant improvements have been made. The clientele are extremely loud, and while perhaps that cannot be fixed, the black box idea has got to go. Any sound bounces off all the non sound absorbing surfaces. A woman sitting with her back to me, on the other side of the restaurant, sounded like she was shouting in my face and they were not even there to eat. Another table, still finishing up from lunch, stayed well beyond 6:30 and were very raucous. This could be easily fixed with beautiful textiles on the walls, and even sails on the ceiling, from the regions represented by the food. This would help solve the excessive echo effect of the back box. Such representation would make the food taste much better. Likewise, the American music was distracting and offensive. While I must perhaps accept that foreign interests have always taken over more than their fair share of Mexico, I have not heard Mexican music. even once, since I have been here, with the exception of Fonda del Refugio. I would expect and be thrilled if Pujol would play the finest and most varied Mexican music from all the regions the food comes from. I found the music played extremely distasteful with my food. It is sad that such culinary genius is blighted by the aforementioned. I look forward to learning that Pujol has responded affirmatively to my suggestions, at which point I will return to completely savor the experience.
• • •
Liliana Kersten
a year ago
It is a superb combination of traditional Mexican cuisine and new cooking techniques. I am Mexican, a food lover and I have travelled extensively around Mexico and the world, having said that.... I can say that "Pujol" is nearly at the top of my restaurant list. Flavour: The success of Pujol is the ability to combine truly Mexican ingredients and recipes with all the flavour and freshness that modern cooking techniques can bring. That is, Mexican cuisine without the excesses. The results are delicacies that you could have only found in your childhood in a remote place of Mexico! Take as an example the "Infladita de flor de calabaza, elote, chayote, cebolla refrita". The concept and the ingredients may call for your memory of a market square in Puebla, but the flavour could be only imagined as coming from one of your grandmother creations with all the fresh ingredients picked up the very same morning! Yet, the perfect amount of fat will leave your palate with all the flavour and your stomach with out the heaviness of a typical "infladita", a corn based -sometimes fried- pastry!! Price: If you visit Mexico and you love its food, you will not regret it!! For foreigner visitors, the prices could still be a bit high, but completely deserving (70 euros for a nice meal). Just imagine that in any other place in Europe or the U.S.A. for such a quality you would not find anything at that price! Presentation: The arrangement on the table is almost at the Japanese level. That is, a careful attention to minimalistic details. Each course is introduced by a waiter but if you do not know what exactly you will be eating, the introduction to each course is not that excessive. Staff: Very friendly! Remember to be friendly as well!!! Way to eat: Slowly!!! That way you will appreciate the flavour and if you like to eat in big quantities, you will make the most of the small portions your are going to be presented with! If you don't decide for a meal of various courses, ask for suggestions and ways to complement your main dish. I have the impression that not all the dishes are prepared with the same standards, rarely but you may be unlucky. If you are not acquainted to Mexican cuisine, the best is probably to opt for the meal of various courses. I have been there three times and overall it has been a great experience. Small but respectable selection of wines. Reserve in advance and enjoy!
• • •
Carlos Hernández's profile photo
Carlos Hernández
3 years ago
The way the chef takes the traditional Mexican cuisine ingredients and experiments with them is simply superb, your taste buds are in for a treat. Reservation is a must and the restaurant is pricey for local standards, but extremely reasonable with restaurants of the same quality elsewhere in the world.
Luis F. Carmona
2 years ago
una joya