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Scott Davis
Engineer, photographer, father.
Engineer, photographer, father.

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I have a UV code for Barbie in Princess Power. For trade, or sale for $4.50

I have a code for Trolls I tried to redeem on Google Play, hoping it would work, but it's a USA only code, and my google account is Canadian, so the code won't do me any good. Yours for $5. SOLD

Does anybody know which movie studios make their codes redeemable in Google play? I know Disney does, and Fox does, any other studios?

I have a Google Play code for the new Independence Day. I tried to redeem it, but it wont let me cause its a USA code and my google account is Canadian.

Who wants it? $3 SOLD

Now to find a Canadian code for this movie...

Does anybody have any experience using the Cinemanow app for Android TV? I'm curious about app quality, video quality, and the availability of surround sound via that app, as when i use the phone app and cast it to my chromecast, it's only in stereo sound.

And before you say 'use vudu', i'm canadian, and can't access vudu. 

Does anybody know if Xmen Apocalypse will have an option to redeem with Google Play? (in Canada) 

Does anybody know of sites that sell Canadian codes? I know of a couple, and, are there any others?

So with the recent crackdown on using DNS spoofing (like, VUDU no longer works for me ( in Canada ). While I do have access to Flixster and Cinemanow to access my UV library, for some idiotic reason these two services don't offer their movies with surround sound. Yes, you heard me right.

That said, movies I have in my Google Play account DO have surround sound when i cast them to my Chromecast. So... suggestions on the best places to get canadian google play movies codes?

Can anybody do Spectre (UV) for $6?

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