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Engineer, photographer, father.
Engineer, photographer, father.

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Consider yourself lucky, Americans. There doesn't seem to be any way to stream Disney movies like Thor, Coco, Last Jedi (based on the pre-order page in iTunes) in 4k in Canada. Google Play only has them in HD, iTunes only has them in HD. No 4k at all in Canada, despite them being 4k in vudu.

Ugh, frustrated... I didn't realize that Darkest Hour isn't UV on Vudu. I redeemed the code on (in Canada), and it didn't port to Vudu and then to MA, so only way I can access the movie now in Canada is with the flixster app, which sucks.

If you redeem a MA compatible movie in iTunes (from a bluray, not a 4K disc), you get it in 4K in iTunes, but do those 4K rights transfer over to MA? i.e. if you then watch that same movie from your MA-linked Google Play Movies library on a chromecast ultra, will it play in 4K?

Does anyone know? I bought a Canadian copy of Bladerunner2049 on UltraHD bluray, and the digital code it came with says go to, which just re-directs to, which doesn't let me redeem it. I want to make sure i get the 4K rights to the movie when i redeem the code. Does anyone know if i use to redeem it, will i get the UHD rights?

Help please! I bought Bladerunner2049 on UltraHD bluray, and it came with a code. I want to redeem this code to get UHD rights to the movie. Here's the thing, this is a Canadian copy, and the insert says go to to put in the code, but that just re-directs me to, which just has a short message saying refer to the insert with the code to see where to redeem the code.

I can probably redeem it at (since flixster still does UV code redemption in canada), but my question to you all is, will doing that give me UHD rights to the movie, or just HD? I tried putting the code into VUDU, and vudu didn't recognize the code.

Anybody redeemed the code from a canadian Bladerunner2049 ultra-hd disc?

Anybody have any leftover Antman codes? I thought I had it, but apparently I don't....

Has anybody confirmed if you redeem a code from a 4k disc, such as Dunkirk, which is MA eligible, do you get 4k playback Rights in Google Play movies?

Any idea why Alien:Covenant doesn't seem to be MA eligible? It's 20th Century Fox so it should be, the Vudu page for it says it is... but it's in my GP library and isn't porting over to MA like the rest of the Alien movies are. I've tried disconnecting GP from MA and reconnecting, but no dice. Anybody else seeing this?

ISO Cars3 full code (non-split please) for around $10. My 2 year old is obsessed with McQueen.

Does anybody know if Google Play codes are still redeeming in SD? I had a few codes redeem in SD a few weeks ago, I remember others were having the same problem. These were codes that should've redeemed in HD...
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