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Good Things about Terminal Illness
1.       I never have to go to work again. 2.       I will never set foot on a weight scale. 3.       I can eat anything I want but of course I don’t want
anything. 4.       I can be crabby and everyone still loves me. 5.       I can be nice and everyone wi...

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“I think she knew
for a long time.” “That would be
like her.” “It’s a joke. She
is going to say surprise and laugh.” I didn’t know. I
suspected I was really sick. I was leaning towards Crohn’s disease. My tummy
was upset and I gained water weight but from f...

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Dear Readers: To my word, this
blog is about cancer, widowhood, and faith. Today (Friday), I met with my oncologist—a
tiny-framed Asian. He walked in the exam room, hugged me, and said, “I’m so
sorry.” This kind of reaction to a CAT Scan does not bode well ...

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Comments Pending
I have been
running this blog since August 2013. Blogger offered through Google was chosen
for price—free—and ease of use. Unfortunately, the comments section never
worked correctly. Of my 134 posts, I have received four comments. The “Join
this Site” butto...

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Bienvenue ! 歡迎 Welcome  Thank you to the new readers of my post in France, China and England! I appreciate your interest as I do my American friends.

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Friend #1 has
worked as a buyer at the same company for ten years. It was purchased by a huge
conglomerate and the Hayward location is being closed completely by April 1 st .  At age fifty, my friend was lucky. His former
boss created an opening at a differ...

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Movie Night
My renter picked “Wolf
of Wall Street” as the evening’s fare. I had chose “Captain Phillips” the last
time.  From the beginning of Leonardo
DiCaprio’s rant on the joys of money, drugs and whores, my lodger was engrossed
giggling like a schoolgirl when Leo s...

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Vlad Zilla its you!

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Thank you, Louis
C.K.  Posted on Comedy Central Standup .
The comedian said, “...We have white people problems in America.  You know what that is? That is your life i...

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Imagine you are in
sunrise commute traffic in a city of over one million people like Los Angeles,
San Francisco, or Sacramento. It’s grey, kind of foggy, and damp. Your silver
car is in lane number three headed into town along with a quarter of the city’s
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